The Best Offer for iPhone or Mac in China is last Friday

The Best Offer for iPhone or Mac in China is last Friday

Tech manufactures have always, over the years, managed to place consumers between a rock and a hard place when it comes to choosing the best technological gizmo that suits them. This is because many of them come with a plethora of features too hard to resists and in the end it all comes down to the financial capability of the consumer in question as the deciding factor. However, if you are in China this week, Apple has strived to relieve that financial stress by placing irresistible offers for Mac and iPhone. Last Friday is a new way for tech lovers to usher in the first weekend of 2017 in style.

The Highlights

The Tech giant announced that this one-day offer will be done in honor of the Chinese New Year. The offer will entail free Beats Solo3 Wireless headsets on the purchases of either an iPhone or a Mac series of devices and will commence from 8 a.m local time, on last Friday. It will be eligible for those in Hong King, Taiwan, Singapore and of course, China. It is Apple’s New Year gift to the people from Eastern Nations.

Devices Eligible for the Offer

The free headsets will be available for those whose make successful purchases of either device. More specifically, for those who purchase the MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air or the Mac Pro will all be entitled to the free headsets under the Mac category. However, the only exception in this category is for those who will purchase or intend to purchase the MacBook Pro that has the touch bar. On a similar note, consumers who will purchase either iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 Plus or the iPhone 6S Plus will also be entitled to a treat of the free Beats Solo3 headphones under the iPhone category.

The Beats Solo3 Headphones

The Beats Solo3 Headphones
The Beats Solo3 headphone is your average everyday headphone with a bit of nip and tuck that makes it special. They have a battery life of up to 40 hours and can quickly recharges to offer extensive periods of cool playback sounds. Its wireless capability means it is portable and can be carried around with relative ease, courtesy of its sleek and foldable design. It also has adjustable cushioned ear cups that create a soft and massaging touch to the ears when worn. With this headphone, you can control your audio files, make and receive calls and communicate with Siri at the beckoning of your voice, no other manipulations involved. Additional attributes of this headphone include on-board volume controls, noise isolation, stereo Bluetooth and a customized Mic for filtering noise during calls. Besides functional prowess, they are also aesthetically appealing not to mention very fashionable and trendy and weighs 215 g with a height of 19 centimeters. With all these features comes a corresponding price tag; this headphone retails at $299.95 in the U.S. Imagine being given that for free, on New Year.

Crunch the Numbers

Simply put, you will be saving $299.95 on the purchase of either of the two categories of devices that Apple has associated with the offer. A MacBook Air costs $999, a MacBook Pro 13 goes for $1,299 and a MacBook Pro 15 with a Touch Bar on the other hand costs $2,399. If you are to purchase any of these machines on any other day it will cost you an additional $299.95 for the Beats Solo3 headphones, if you intend to purchase one. It is a one-time offer worth capitalizing on. With a similar analysis, for those who fancy the iPhone series, a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus for instance costs $769 while a 32GB iPhone 6S on the other hand goes for $649. The price increases with increase in memory capacity and specs definitions, but that is a story for another day. Nevertheless, purchase of any of these iPhone series will require an additional $299.95 on a ‘normal’ day for those who want to purchase the headphones as an add-on.

Beats Headphones

Is it Worth?

Purchase of electronic equipments is normally done after a careful evaluation and research of the gadget in question, its relevance to the consumer, the functional benefits attributed to owning it and most importantly, the financial impact of purchasing it. If you are reading this post for the first time or hearing about this offer for the first time, it is advisable to think carefully before making a hasty decision simply because of an offer that has caught you by surprise. On the other hand for those who initially intended to purchase any of the two devices this year, or more conveniently during this particular month, it will be worth the sacrifice to compromise on the initial ‘shopping timeline’ in order to take advantage of this incredible offer because as we are made to understand, the stocks are limited.

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A free Beat Solo3 headphone is music to the ears for tech lovers anywhere in the world but for those in China, it will be a fantasy fulfilled. If you so happen to be within this region of last Friday, take advantage of the offer but only if you have sorted your financial position before and after the purchase of either the Mac or iPhone series.