Hacking iPhones Can be a Lucrative Business These Days

Hacking iPhones Can be a Lucrative Business These Days

Even the most secure gadgets out there can be hacked and it has now been the case with the latest iPhone. This has come in the form of a challenge for which a prize of 1 million dollars was put forward and the prize has now been claimed, which means the mission has been accomplished by somebody out there. Putting such a prize forward allows the improvement of the protection of devices, or to then communicate the information to important entities depending on how it can be used. If you’re unfamiliar with the topic and hacking and jailbreaking devices, it can represent a pretty lucrative business. The individual can be named or not depending on the context of the hack. In the case of iOS9, the accomplishment was made remotely. In certain cases, the bragging rights, and the money, can come from contests that are put forward by companies.

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is a process that allows the user to access content that’s limited within the device by the company, in this case Apple, and to access all apps, some without paying. This doesn’t change the device entirely as it can still function normally, but the possibilities are much wider once the process is complete. The topic also has implications when it comes to the overall security of users. Jailbreaking an iOS device not only affects security, but also what’s available beyond the App Store, which will then display some more content.

Is It OK to Pay Those Who Hack Devices?

Then, the question that is worth asking when it comes to this kind of news is if it’s worth it for companies to pay individuals who hack devices and want to sell this kind of information, and whether or not it’s OK that individuals with this kind of knowledge do this for a sort of living. Some even take this kind of accomplishment as a competition, which of course might send the wrong message to those who are getting in the world of security. On the other hand, the companies can use the information that’s sent back to them to protect a great deal of users, which might not be that bad of a news. The topic of hacking and jailbreaking might sound very negative, but as long as the knowledgeable individuals are responsible with their discoveries and accomplishments, the tech world can end up being safer as a result.

It might not matter so much to the everyday user, but companies are taking this matter very seriously and big dollars are being put forward as a result. It’s to be understood that the value of this information is extremely high, and just like most things valuables, the number of digits can end up being quite impressive. Then, the power in the hands of these hacker groups can be quite high and they can choose what they do with their information and accomplishments, so that make be also a thing to discuss when it comes to ethics. Should hacker groups take pride in getting bounties for hacking popular devices and brag about it? The lucrative prizes associated with these accomplishments could have the wrong people getting into the field and maybe speak too openly about the important topic of security.

Hack Devices

One million is of course a number that’s associated with the importance of this device by Apple, and there can also be numerous softwares and app exploits that can keep these groups busy and going for more money at the end of the day. As the number of these devices grow, the importance of these groups and what they do with the information will grow and perhaps the casual users themselves will have to keep an eye on such news. Just like any company, these hacker groups also have names and reputations to preserve. If a group doesn’t show the attitude or ethics needed for this kind of topics, companies might start dismissing them, but then again, money plays a big role in the decision around the subject.

In conclusion, this kind of business and claims to become quite important for the future, and might even become a hot topic of discussion depending on how the different groups and companies behave. One million dollars is a lot of money, but the stakes are high, and the hacker groups are probably the one that know the price value of these discoveries more than anybody else.

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