Athos: A Wearable Technology For Fitness

Athos: A Wearable Technology For Fitness

New wearable technology is coming soon to the market. Athos wearable technology is sports apparel that records the data of your body while it is in motion. Athos interprets and personalizes the data in real time. It is a whole new way of translating movement into meaning so one can fine tune workout routines to take steps to reach personal fitness goals. Athos records and analyzes muscle exertion, every breath and every heartbeat. You can tell with a single glance if you are training correctly.

How It Works?

Athos uses EMG Sensors, heart rate and breathing sensors to record and measure muscle activity, breathing and heart rate. It is the only wearable technology that measures and tracks muscle output. The Athos system uses a Core that functions as the brain of the system. The core contains all of the electronics and intelligence to collect and interpret your bio signals. Information is sent to your mobile device using Bluetooth technology. One core works with any Athos garment.

App Features

  • Simulated body on screen
  • The muscle group you are using is highlighted on the body in green.
  • Overworked muscles groups turn red
  • Under worked muscle groups show as a lighter green or do not show at all
  • Sensors provide additional data including heart rate and oxygen levels
  • Provides real time interpretation of complex movements,
  • Recommends proper exercise form for any gym activity as well as for outdoor athletes
  • Recommends training levels and tracks training levels over time
  • Provides more targeted feedback specific to the type of exercise being done. For instance, if you want to lose weight you can enter your weight loss goal and the type of exercise being done and the app will show you whether you are in the right heart zone and if your muscles are being pushed hard enough or too much.

The concept behind Athos is to provide real time data to help you push your body for maximum efficiency. It is for people of all fitness levels, not just professional athletes.

Core Features

  • Continuous battery life of 10 hours the same as an iPad
  • At 2.5 inches tall it is shorter than your index finger
  • Weighs less than 20g or four nickels
  • The core is impact resistant. It can handle anything you can
  • 6-axis accelerometer because movement alone without muscle activity feedback is not sufficient for effective training


  • The sensors conform to the contours of your body seamlessly.
  • The sensors are non-adhesive and built directly into the fabric
  • Sensors do not need to be wet prior to use
  • Sensors do not chafe
  • Sensors do not need to be replaced

Gear Features

  • Athos compression shirts and shorts have no wires
  • Technology is fully integrated into the workout clothing
  • 4 way stretch for a full range of movement
  • Flat seam construction to avoid chafing
  • Made of a warp knit that provides stability and reduces fatigue and soreness
  • Sweat wicking to keep you cool and dry
  • UPF 50 treatment to protect skin from harmful sun rays
  • Machine washable

What Professionals Have to Say About Athos?

Jermaine O’neil had the following to say about the Athos system “When I saw ATHOS for the first time, my immediate thought was how much more longevity it can give athletes by allowing us to train smarter and prevent injury through a better understanding and fine tuning of our bodies.”

According to Joe Lacob, majority owner and Chairman of the Golden State Warriors “Athos is completely changing the way we train the human body. For the first time athletes will have a complete view of the body in action-muscle activity, effort, heart rate target zones, and more-providing instantaneous insight without disrupting their workout.”

How it Works with the Athos App?

The Athos app works by showing you how you are using your muscles when you work out whether you are doing cardio or strength training. The Athos iOS app has a simulated body that highlights the group of muscles you are working.

Training Benefits

  • Heart rate, heart rate variability and recovery rates are important indicators of overall physical health and safe, effective workouts
  • Proper breathing patterns are also crucial components of effective workouts
  • Tracking muscle groups and muscle activity helps understand muscle movement, stretching and force generation to avoid injuries during workout sessions.

Review Summary

Details about this item
Data Recording Accuracy
5out of 5
Battery Life
4out of 5
Memory Capacity
3out of 5
Water Resistance
4out of 5
User Friendliness
4out of 5

Athos wearable technology is a real step forward in personal fitness and professional athletic training. The Athos system stands out from competing products because of its unique ability to provide real time information on muscle activity and effort. It is a promising technology to help people at all fitness levels from novices to professionals to work out more effectively and avoid injuries at the same time.


4 out of 5

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