Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Gorgeous Gadget or Pointless Bravado?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Gorgeous Gadget or Pointless Bravado?

The Galaxy S7 is due for release sometime in 2016 and as with its predecessor, the S6, it will be accompanied by its Edge companion. Reports leaked so far indicate that the device will come with a sizeable 5.5 inch screen and support dual sim functionality. The device, along with its predecessors will be Samsung’s flagship model and compete directly with the IPhone and android devices at the higher end of the market.

Features and price

The S7 Edge has been the subject of fierce online debating with some sources claiming it could be more expensive than the S6. It would not be surprising with that model in particular selling so well and the gradual decline of other device makers – think HTC. Apple have also recently declared that sales of their flagship model have declined and various factors are making it difficult to sell which could leave the S7 Edge as the premium phone on the market. Coming as standard in any upgrade should be the usual features; increased speed, longer battery life and a more power to run all your apps simultaneously. So you can play Candy Crush while Facebooking and surfing the web at the same time if that is your thing. It has been widely viewed that the last few IPhone models have been a little low on new features; some have said they simply made it bigger and thinner so the new standard dual sim functionality is certainly a bonus for businesses and travellers. A photo was also leaked with a physical cover for the screen so those who like the novelty feel can push buttons to type their texts.

The Edge – what’s it actually for?

The Edge
So it looks really fancy and everyone likes curves but what purpose do the curved edges on Samsung’s flagship model actually serve? Well, if you take away all the other features; the speed, the processing power and even the battery life and what are you left with? The answer lies in the fact that a phone has become more than a communication device. A phone is now a status symbol that signifies who you are. From coolest kid on the block to savvy stock market trader, your mobile device is now as important as your new Nike sneakers or your Armani suit. The curves on the S7 aim to capitalize on that fact and without providing any new real functionality, provide new style and flavour. Before the S6, all smartphone had begun to look a little similar with some a little bigger, thicker, shinier or smaller. The S7 Edge has the same curved edges that see your pages scroll across and then down the sides. It does sound unnecessary and quite frankly it probably is but a device that aims to top a crowded market has to have something that stands out from its competitors.

Can Samsung justify the price?

Only the consumer can answer that question. Whilst the official cost of the phone has not yet been revealed by Samsung, its predecessor, the S6 Edge, was a hefty purchase when it was first released. The sim free version came it a whopping 760.00 GBP although it fell dramatically to around 550.00 GBP after a short period of time. The device was available from most providers for around 40.00 GBP per month on a 2 year contract, depending on the provider’s rules. When Samsung cut the price the phone came into line with IPhone’s pricing and many think that was the reason. That being said, can the average consumer justify paying extra for the S7 Edge? To answer that question you need to look at the sort of prices you would pay for other products. On a daily basis, consumers spend a huge amount more on products that are of the same quality bit have a label or small feature that sets them apart. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the only phone on the market with curved edges and no other maker has announced plans to copy it; and given Samsung and Apple’s well publicized copyright battles, they aren’t likely to anytime soon. Whilst the curves add no extra functionality, they add sass and swagger to the forefront of the mobile market and time will tell if consumers react to it. If past performance is anything to go by, it looks as though Samsung are onto a winner and the S7 will be a success. They have thrown down the gauntlet to the other makers of devices and challenged them to change the mobile market which has been for some time stagnating; let’s hope they take up the challenge and bring out a new range of products for a new range of consumers.

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