Entertainment and Games Top in Users Expenditure on Apps in 2016

Entertainment and Games Top in Users Expenditure on Apps in 2016

Technological advancement has seen growth in both users and apps presented and or launched into the market are at par or as required. This is because the technology industry is highly competitive. Furthermore, making sales is dependent on how the product developed is received or if it is accepted in the market. Users continuously assess the products at their disposal ensuring that they acquire the best out there in the market. This competition has seen an increase in many of the apps for the iPhones in the year 2016 applications.


Entertainment apps are one of the leading applications experienced in 2016. The sector is still rising and climbing making it the center of applications for the iPhone platforms. Such growth has not been seen for a long period of time. Entertainment such as streaming services like HBO Now, Netflix among others has seen increased subscriptions and users in 2016. Furthermore the user expenditure averages increased with around 130%.

This is still expected to rise and increase as time goes. People are more interested in advancing their interests. These interests has been seen to develop, seed and are starting to grow especially in streaming services. This is a new trend that is seeing the revenue in some of these apps entertainment shoots over the roof.

Just the other day, HBO NOW announced and unveiled its cord cutting application. This has led to the TV streaming services acquiring double its subscribers in 2016. Today, it is celebrating over 2 million subscribers all realized in the past year doubled from the subscribers in 2015. This is also expected to revenue received from the app.

This streaming service also witnessed an increase in its subscribers to its iOS. Its customer base is on the rise since it introduced and launched its app and its subscription services in 2015. The app realized revenue of around 7.9 million dollars in the first quarter after its launch. In the last quarter of the year 2016, the revenue realized grew and advanced to around 58 million dollars according to the estimates from Sensor Towers.

Subscription Services

Subscription services are also on the rise and different services have garnered a lot of revenue based on this. YouTube launched a subscription services that has seen the service advance and grow i.e. YouTube Red. The primary category in YouTube which is photos and videos has been seen to increase its revenue from around 0.30 dollars to 0.70 dollars. This increase is as per the iPhone users and the growth experienced.

Subscription Services

Social Networking

Socialization is one of the growing industries around the world. This ranges from the social media platforms to dating platforms such as Tinder and many others. The popularity of the Tinder app continues to increase with each passing day. Just the other day, it unveiled its subscription services and revenue has continued to increase. It has made to the top of the social networking revenues that have been realized in the past year. Growth has been estimated to be from around 1.8 dollars to 2 dollars.


The music category also made its impact felt by gaining in the amount of revenue realized in the past year. Some of the top music applications including Pandora and Spotify have seen an increase in revenue. The music apps offer subscription services to their customers ensuring an increase in the number of customers the apps have in general. The increase witnessed in this section of apps is from 3.40 dollar to 3.60 dollars. The margin isn’t that big but makes all the difference in the end.



This is the app platform that continues to amaze many especially in reference to the revenue growth realized in the past year alone. The revenue generated from game apps alone constitute to around 80% of all the revenue generated by the iPhone Storein 2016. This area continues tobe more competitive and creative in nature. This goes to show how games continue to lead in the apps in reference to popularity and entertainment in the long run.

Owner’s Expenditures

Owners have to service, maintain and update these applications on a regular basis. The expenditure per a single app install increased in the past year by $2 from $25 in 2015 to $27 in 2016. However, the increase in expenditure saw some decline or falls in the number of installations per a single device. Furthermore, social networking has also witnessed a decrease in installations and new entries into the market have experienced hardships in the process.

The witnessed fluctuation in the number of apps installed seems to denote the satisfaction people have and confidence in the already established applications. This is making it harder for new entries to compete in these platforms.

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As time passes, more platforms will be launched. However, if launching a platform, ensure it is a game changer and you will achieve. Therefore, more growth should be expected in this year as many applications are still being developed and invented. Furthermore, creativity runs wild and innovation becomes the center of it.