What You Need to Know About the LG 360 VR

What You Need to Know About the LG 360 VR

The 360 VR from LG is not that immersive. It is too expensive and currently works with only one phone. LG unveiled the VR for G3 last year, joining the Google Cardboard. The VR for G3 targeted LG G3 phones and people received it for free with every G3 purchase. This pair of goggles cost $240 and works well with the G5 from LG. To help you learn more about the LG 360 VR, here is a closer look at some of its design features.


The LG 360 VR makes use of a setup similar to that of Samsung’s Gear VR. However, the two are quite different. For instance, with the LG 360 VR, you do not need a mobile phone on your hands. With a special USB-C cord, this headset can be plugged into LG G5 devices. Only the new flagship Samsung Smartphone can perform well with this Gear VR. In addition, only LG G5 handsets are compatible with the new headset.

The LG 360 VR weighs approximately 118g making it light and comfortable. The legs of the goggles need to be pulled outwards first before placing on the face. In addition, you do not feel its weight on your nose as opposed to most heavy headsets. It is slim and foldable making it possible for use in planes.

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The major drawback of the LG 360 VR is that, it feels like it can easily fall apart if knocked too much. Additionally, you are able to see your room in 3D and the lenses are adjustable. If you wear glasses, the LG 360 VR is not good for you. Its nose pad can easily be removed to fit another pair. In addition, the cover that forms on the face can easily be switched out as well. Its cord sits on the right rather than beneath the goggles. It can prove to be annoying to feel and hear it during movements especially if you have been used to Cardboard and Wireless Gear VR.

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The VR Experience

Although LG compares the LG 360 VR experience to watching a 130” TV 2 meters away, it is not quite true. Its VR experience cannot even compare to that of Cardboard or even Gear VR. However, its picture display is commendable and it uses a dedicated display of its own. This means that you do not have to use your phone’s display.

It has in-built LCD IPS display that can serve approximately 920×7280 pixels. This is way lower compared to the display of Gear VR coupled with Galaxy S7. In addition, it also has a proximity sensor, a gyroscope for purposes of head tracking and an accelerometer with six axes. This makes you see too much in 3D from the goggles’ bottom.

Due to its buggy display and a low resolution, it is more likely to get motion sick with this device compared to many other devices. This is likely to be the case if you have been inside the headset for long. The LG 360 VR lacks many apps including the Epiq VR, Next VR and SBS Player. However, it comes pre-installed with YouTube and Jaunt’s app. You are also in a position to view 360 degree videos and images captured using the LG 360 VR camera.


Even though this device did not live to the expectations of many, its adjustable lenses are commendable. Unlike the Gear VR, the LG 360 VR does not have any steaming problem. This could be attributed to the fact that, the eye area is not enclosed. Alerts are well-handled; they are revealed right in your eyes.

Just like using a phone, the LG 360 VR has two buttons. They are located right on top. These buttons are the Back and OK buttons and they allow you to navigate through the VR interface. They make using this device easy and fast. The G5 tends to overheat in your hands after using for just a few minutes. In addition, the battery tends to drain faster compared to the batteries of most other devices. With all this heat up, the LG 360 VR remains unheated.


The only advantage of The LG 360 VR is the fact that, it can be used just like Cardboard from Google. It is not the most immersive or the top VR devices available. However, it has decent basic handling tasks such as the ability to display 360 degrees videos and images. Its display is not one of the best and the lag and resolution are way below that of its competitors. This device has to be directly connected to the G5 using a wire. Its performance cannot match that of the Vive, Oculus or even PlayStation.

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