Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations – A Latest Modding Inception Level

Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations – A Latest Modding Inception Level

Innovations and creative use of already developed technological models have taken first lace on many people’s minds.

This is one of the most effective uses of the developed technologies, which aim at enhancing the functionalities and improving user experience while at it.

This is a way to improve individual time usage by spending it on redeveloping platforms and making them perform functionalities that weren’t originally meant to.

Even though to some this might just be a waste of time, to others like Banjo Kazooie, it is a successful platform that enables him to show off his creativity and productivity with time.

This is because the Modder just released an emulator that is designed to emulate a Wii U and a Pc and a Wii U at the same time.

Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations

Banjo Kazooie has designed the emulations such that the platform can run each of this at the same time in order to improve user experience at one go.

The project that could have been deemed as bizarre, apart from the fact that it works and is fully functional is one of the best technological modding that has been seen of late in the technological industry.

The specs used and involved in creating the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations is also one of the most enviable regardless of the fact that he chose to use another platform in order to develop his system. Well, it is still proper use of his time and available resources.

Project Breakdown

Banjo Kazooie says that the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations project is successful and efficient in its newly designed purposes and uses.

He says that he only used a few components here and there in order to make it work. Some of these include:

  • Windows 10 on which the Wii U operates or runs
  • Processor i.e. Intel 5m which is fast and highly suitable for the function
  • RAM of 4GB
  • Storage space of around 64GB
  • LCD 2K

These are not the only features that the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations project has. It also includes use of LED lights.

This is in its outward structure that are wrapped and moved around and on the joysticks which increases the adventure and fun of using the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulation.

Hackaday Cites

Hackaday Cites
Apart from being impressed and valuing the job done by Banjo Kazooie, he also states that the original use of the device and platform is not lost.

In fact, an additional functionality is added to the same function making it even much more interesting than before.

He specifically notes that the Wii U is currently running on windows 10, emulation similar to it also running on Wii U again. He terms it as a sandwich of the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U.


Many of us have no idea what the emulations brings to the table. However, we are hoping that it is an advancement from the Console that left us with doubts and no satisfaction in regards to its usage.

We are definitely hoping that the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations project by Banjo Kazooie offers us a better voice chat depending on the fact that it is said to be super modded.


The screen of the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulations is much smaller compared to others previously developed.

Banjo states that the screen is small suiting its purpose for display but the motherboard is quite large.

He says that this is essential in that it offers you the opportunity to plug in the desired driver on the PCB plate at the back. This is not only effective, but it also saves on space.

Some of the drivers that you can add to the Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulation platform include a constroller, a hub, driver board, USB, FPC connectors among others.

Battery Life

Battery Life
The Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulation battery lasts up to around two hours on a full charge when it is in use. This is a great improvement from others used on the same platform.

However, it is a more efficient platform as the screen or display is said to consume around 300mA compared to other displays or the old one that is said to have consumed 500mA at a go.

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Finding the proper base and using your creativity to generate some of the most interesting platforms can be described as an essential way of using your time.

Banjo Kazooie understands this fact quite well and ended up modding one of the best Wii U/ PC/ Wii U Emulation or sandwich allowing each of the platforms too run on the other.

Now you can use a single device to run Wii U and the only condition is for it to have windows 10.

So don’t be left behind and try out this new platform and enjoy the fun things it brings to the table.