An Innovative Masonic Timepiece Literally Made Out Of Cement

An Innovative Masonic Timepiece Literally Made Out Of Cement

This Masonic, the latest watch to release on Kickstarter is a distinctive, unique take on the conventional timepiece. This particular debut watch coming from Aggregate Watches undoubtedly is the very first to use a typically commercial material in the sophisticated way – cement.

This watch comes with a bezel and concrete dial produced from an amazing cement mix; however, this is durable, water resistant, and lightweight for daily wear.

The things produced from concrete: cinderblocks, sidewalks, watches? Actually, this Masonic Watch is the exact same.

Based on their website, it is the first watch with a dial and bezel produced from an amazing blend of cement. Kickstarter project originates from the Aggregate watches, the innovative company which is focused on experimenting with cement in unconventional ways.

The designers of Masonic discovered an effective way to control the sturdiness of cement without having the weight, making a watch which arrives in at approximately 3.2 ounces.


This piece features accuracy machined 316L steel metal parts, scratch-proof crystal sapphire lens, and arrives with an interchangeable top-grain natural leather strap.

Created from ground up, features of this Masonic enhance one another for minimum, sophisticated and gorgeous look. Every element of this watch continues to be thoughtfully designed, to be honest and harmonious of its wonderful design.

This watch offers a clean, seamless case devoid of the lugs found in conventional 2-piece band watches. Also, best-grain natural leather strap is without a doubt, “one piece” and even can easily be interchanged simply by eliminating the back of case.

The scratch- proof crystal sapphire is standard in each watch manufactured, and also the customized design is placed at two o’clock just to be much more comfortable ergonomically. The hands tend to be “custom designed” in the stamped brass, influenced by play on the negative space, right from frontal view of Bay Bridge San Francisco.

Features Of This Watch:

features of cement-wristwatch

  • Bezel Dial: Proprietary blend of cement
  • Case: Extremely resistant to deterioration, additional low carbon steel, 316L certified
  • Crystal: Authentic sapphire crystal along with anti-damage layer
  • Crown: Fixed at 2 o’clock for convenience and simple time realignment with the customized knurling
  • Buckle: Custom-designed steel pin with the asymmetrical buckle
  • Markers: Raised and polished laser-imprinted markers in the stainless steel
  • Strap: Interchangeable and authentic best-grain leather
  • Movement: Japan Citizen Premium Quartz Miyota 203A
  • Hands: Customized design in the stamped brass along with IP/PVP plated or enamel


specifications- of-cement-wristwatch

  • 30-m/3-ATM Water Resistance
  • 72g/3.2oz Weight
  • 13 mm Case Thicknesses
  • 43 mm Case Diameters
  • 20mm Strap Width
  • 240mm Strap Length



Combination co-creators, Mike Yim and Jon Thai, have substantial skills in commercial engineering and design. This Masonic has been the most debut watch underneath their Bay Area label. This Masonic had been conceptualised from the concept of experimenting with cement in unconventional methods and then re-imagined in a creative context.

Also, there is a genuine, minimalist style strategy to this particular watch, the form and material serve to charm the audience. The concrete is medium, and medium is message. Not to mention, design is its material, in raw form.

On the other hand, focus of this Masonic watch is actually celebrating its elegance in the details and color of materials. The outcome is a delicate but sophisticated style, initially; however upon nearer examination; “this Masonic” tends to be a new and bold take on the on materials in conventional setting.

The timepiece for almost any fashionable watch fanatic, this Masonic is accessible in 4 colors;

  • Grey/Oat Brown
  • Black/Charcoal Black
  • Grey/Pacific Navy
  • Grey/Gravel Grey

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With much more colors to get revealed to you as various levels of financing goals simply on Kickstarter are accomplished, such as Rose-Gold Black, Rose-Gold Grey, Bay Black/Brown, and potentially a titanium version.