Did Microsoft Silently Killed Windows 10 Mobile Phones?

Did Microsoft Silently Killed Windows 10 Mobile Phones?

Microsoft have recently released limited information about windows 10 mobile. This have made speculations move around, saying that Microsoft have rejected windows 10 mobile and they have removed the upgrade advisor app. The upgrade advisor app was used to update windows 8.1 phones to windows 10. Microsoft have denied the allegations and it have issued notice about upgrading to the new versions of mobile and pc. The insider preview manager have recently issued a notice about the upgrade to the latest versions. The notice reads that the builds branch will not match with the builds number on the recent release for pc. Microsoft is making improvements to converge code in one core across phone, tablet, pc, xbox, hololens and IoT. It also promised to make improvements on windows 10 mobile.

How Microsoft Have Side-Lined Windows 10 Mobile?

The recent diverge of numbers have left out windows phone and this have made customers to feel like Microsoft is slowly and quietly killing windows phones. The numbers diverged with tablets and phones having 15204, and 16176 for pc. Phones did not receive Redstones 3 builds. The new builds have excluded older devices that was previously included in windows 10 builds. The users of windows phone have reported disappearance of insider advisor app. This app was the one that enabled windows 8.1 phones to upgrade to windows 10. Now that the app is no longer available, the users of windows phones have felt like Microsoft have rejected windows phones and it is killing it slowly. If your handset had upgraded windows 8.1 to windows 10 and you down grade it again to windows 8.1, you will not be able to upgrade it again to windows 10 thereafter.

Why Microsoft Wants To Shift From Windows 10?

Windows 10 Mobile
Micrososft entered into business and made Nokia phones which sold at a faster rate and later declines. The business ran down and this made Microsoft to stop producing windows phones. Microsoft later upgraded Windows 10 on Lumia mobile but it still have low market share. Windows mobile phone users were dissatisfied with Microsoft windows phones and they have started eyeing apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Microsoft have now joined Samsung and it is selling a new edition of Samsung galaxy S8. The new edition is having Microsoft built apps such as skype, one drive, office and outlook. Microsoft is now making more money in selling Android patents than selling phones with their mobile OS inside.

Microsoft Views About Windows 10 Mobile Phones

Microsoft has denied the claims that it is slowly killing Windows 10. Microsoft manager said that windows phone will receive Redstone 3 code, which is the latest version from the current one. This will make it easier for your phone to upgrade to the latest version it will get rid of the current transitional era. To facilitate this, Microsoft have separated tablet and smartphone ARM processor. It have begun to run via emulation at a code of X86. Microsoft have moved from the current codes, to a les and more unified code with different build targets. For the new devices it will be possible to have one binary and code base, which runs on pcs legacy and new mobile devices. However, this have raised a lot of questions and customers have considered the mobile industry to be dead.

Windows 10

Microsoft made windows phones, which sold very fast in the market. This led to making of new models which would easily upgrade to the newest and latest versions. The windows phones are flexible and you would upgrade to Windows 10, degrade to windows 8.1 and upgrade again to Windows 10. This was controlled by insider advisory app. However, there is a recent report that the advisory app have disappeared and you cannot upgrade your handset to the current and recent Windows 10. The cause of disappearance of this app remains unknown and, Microsoft is denying claims that it is killing the Windows 10 mobile silently.

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Microsoft have changed the code numbers and the windows phone have not received the built number. The codes for tablets and pc are already out, making the windows phone customer to feel that it is being rejected. Microsoft have stayed for long without releasing the latest model or update of windows phones. This is alarming and it is a sign of Microsoft rejecting windows phones. Windows 10 customers are now eyeing Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung galaxy S8 for them to get the features they want. Microsoft is feeling challenged and it have decided to support Samsung in producing the latest edition. The latest Microsoft edition is selling Samsung galaxy S8 with Microsoft built features like skype, OneDrive, office and outlook. Microsoft is now licencing patents to Android manufacturers than selling mobile OS on their own. Microsoft have promised to release the latest model of windows 10, and it is still in the market. From the efforts made by Microsoft and the claims made by the manager, Microsoft have not silently killed windows 10. The new update of windows 10 will be upgraded.