Google Has Launched New AI which Directs You Without Talking To Cloud

Google Has Launched New AI which Directs You Without Talking To Cloud

Google offers many services for free and people wonder how it benefits from that. Offering free services have enabled many people to interact with Google, enabling Google to collect data, which is later used to make improvements on the client’s complaints and come up with something better to satisfy the customers. This is how Google makes money. Google have developed new AI features, which helps to guide you and make you access the information you were looking for. It is very convenient and it maintains privacy. You can now access the new AI feature from your smartphone and enjoy the advanced services.

How Google Trains the AI?

Google has used a new approach to training the AI, to ensure there is confidentiality of information shared between AI and the client. Private data is used to train AI, to come up with computerized features, which enables AI to offer better virtual assistant when needed. The new AI feature is trained to provide you with what you need, even before you ask for it. Federated learning is the new training approach, which helps to protect the privacy of the shared information than before.

How the New AI Works?

Federation learning takes advantage of smartphone processing power, and avoid feeding the information direct to the Google servers. A personal computer is used in generating results, making this app to have improved AI powers. For you to get this service, you are required to download the current model of this app on your smartphone. The new app is improved by studying the data available on your phone and summarizing the changes into the small focused update. The small focused update is then sent and it reaches the cloud via encrypted communication. It immediately gets averaged with other updates to make improvements on the shared model. All the data used for training is left on your device, to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the information. There are no individual updates left for storage on the cloud. To avoid unnecessary data and power consumption, Google uses this service when your phone is idling, connected to WiFi and when it is connected to power.

How the New AI Works

The Advantages of Using the New AI

  • It maintains the privacy of the shared information
  • It have a power saving mood
  • The data collected is processed in a personalized computer
  • It delivers the things you want even before you ask for them

How Google Relays Information?

Google has a sophisticated way of relying the information obtained from your phone data to the AI. This makes you get the best virtual services on your smartphone. The information is modified and left on your phone. The modified information is sent to the crowd via encrypted communication. This helps in maintaining the privacy of your data. Google is planning to improve on their new feature to come up with a more modified feature that will serve you the best. The new AI will direct you on the information you are searching, making it easier for you to obtain the information.
How Google Relays Information

How the New AI Feature Benefits the Customers?

The new AI feature is very useful, as the customer can now get the information they need without waiting for Google to answer their questions. The new AI feature is customized and the information shared is left on your device. This is the best virtual feature, as it can direct you even before you ask it for assistance. This new app is convenient, as it downloaded on your phone and you can use it from anywhere.

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Google has come up with a new AI feature to help direct the client, without violating their privacy. It is an app that is downloaded on your handset, and it uses your private data to upgrade. The privacy of the shared information is kept, as all the information shared is left on your phone. The data reaches the Google via encrypted communication, without transferring the private information on your phone. A personal computer is used to generate the results, which is later sent on your phone to improve AI powers. The current model is highly sophisticated and it summarizes the information into a small focus update. The update is then sent to the cloud where it is used to improve the new feature. By using the new AI services, the client is able to get the information needed without directly interacting with Google. Google is very concerned about the confidentiality of the information, and all the shared contents are left on the handset. There is no personal information allowed to reach the cloud. Federated learning is the new approach of training AI, which enables you to get better services without violating privacy. The new training approach takes advantage of the handset processing powers, and it avoids feeding raw data directly to the Google. For you to get the new AI feature, you have to download the current model on your phone. The current model is then improved by learning data from your phone, which is then summarized into a focused update that is sent to cloud.

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