Reasons Why Google Maps Should Not Rely Completely On Google App

Reasons Why Google Maps Should Not Rely Completely On Google App

Google map app is a well-known application for all smartphones and digital devices users that is helpful in giving you direction, location and any topic you would wish to know. Behind this powerful app lie some fraudsters who you should be aware of them to prevent misleading information. Google app also has your IP address and knows all the search topics that you have tried and with this information, you should not trust Google hundred percent. This is because some fraudsters can use this app to mislead you and rob your money. Though it is an application that saves us time and energy to physically look for a place, it also exposes us to equal danger as someone knows where you want to go and by what means. He or she will know about through your search from Google.

Why You Should Not Trust Hundred Percent Google App

Google is a powerful app loved by many people because of the convenience it causes to them. This app also poses some worry about the app to them because of the following:

1. Google has All the Information About You
This is a search engine that records everything about you. It records all the nasty things you have ever searched for in the app and keeps all this record for as long as possible. This information is stored on the IP address that you are using either on your phone or computer. This search engine also stores all the form you have filled through it for up to nine months. It does so as it is able to install a cookie when you are using it to navigate to different web to look for what you want. You are advised therefore not to trust Google and stop seeing it as the smarter app that provides what you want.

Google has All the Information About You

2. Google is Like Any Other Existing Corporation After Money
This is not a charitable organization that it is there to help you and make your life much easier rather it is a corporation whose mission is to make as much money as possible. Sometimes Google does not give you the correct search results that you were looking for instead it has been used for advertising. The revenues collected from web publishers and advertisers contribute to Google wealth growth while not satisfying yours needs fully. They make a lot of money from the advertisement they pop on your screen when on the web and use your person data to bring to you more advertisement for their own growth.

3. They are Not a Smart Company as it is Portrayed
It is an app that sometimes controls how you interact with the internet making you limited to what it wants. This implies that there will be no fair decision for you to make. Google dominate in the market and can delete your account and burn important information on it without notifying rendering you helpless. They have taken the advantage of their growth to kill other threatening companies to their advantage. This implies that there is no justice for you over their decision for their own greed purposes.

4. They will Not Protect You When They are Threatened

They are Not a Smart Company as it is Portrayed

This is a company that protects you as far as you still continue using its products. The advertisement and the trust that you still have for them make it not expose or do something shady to you because they earn from you. In the face of competition or threatened survival for Google, it can easily publish all our nasty searches to the world without much care. They might also expose every communication that we made via internet to the world for them to know our secrets. This will leave us fragile and vulnerable to the situation and they will not care. You are ought to be careful with the use of this platform.

5. Google is After Protecting Their Own Resources
Google has grown tremendously over the years. It is at this point now that they are interested in their own great resources without caring about any other thing. They have become like a sovereign state that does not follow any rules and regulation and it is not accountable to anyone. The main aim for them is keeping their interest without much care of your needs. You are advised not to trust them fully as their aim is not for your own satisfaction.

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Google is a powerful search engine that is making millions of money for individuals daily. It has so much grown that does not care about your need anymore and opt to give you advertisement and web publication for their own selfish gain. It is has a clear record of your person data and information that can expose to the world when threatened. This implies that you ought to be careful with what you search or communicate through it for privacy and safety. There are fraudsters in Google and you ought not to rely on any information provided on it hundred percent.

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