In Nintendo’s History Switch is the Fastest-Selling Game Console

In Nintendo’s History Switch is the Fastest-Selling Game Console

Nintendo has launched a new console known as the Switch and barely three days from its release, it has already shown a remarkable start when it comes to sales. As a matter of fact, the Switch is arguably the company’s fastest-selling console in the history of Nintendo. This is an impressive start and sales are expected to be off the chain in the coming few days.

The Tablet Style Console

The Switch is a remarkable hybrid game system, which functions as a portable game console and a home game console. It has sold better particularly in North America within the first two days of its launch compared to the Nintendo Wii, which has always been Nintendo’s highest selling console. Over its lifetime, the Nintendo Wii boosts selling over 100 million units. A New York Times reporter Nick Wingfield reported through his Twitter account that this Nintendo sales information was revealed by Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo president in America. The reporter quoted an interview with Fils-Aime that is not yet published. Since there were no actual numbers provided, it is almost impossible to compare the Wii and the Switch directly.

Also, there are certain aspects that play a crucial role in this scenario. For instance, because Nintendo did not measure the success of Wii publicly based on its first two days sales back in 2006 when it was launched, it is even harder to compare sales between the two consoles. All is known is that the Nintendo Wii successfully sold approximately 600,000 units in its first eight days when it launched in 2006. Moreover, because the company is yet to release the actual sales numbers of the Switch, it is impossible to determine why it has declared the sales of its new console to be an all-time sales ‘record’.

Going by the tweet, the sales of the Switch appear great from all perspectives. For example, the Switch was released on March 3rd, 2017, on the other hand, the Nintendo Wii was released on November 19, 2006, which is a pick period for holiday shopping. The Nintendo Wii became an instant sales hit because it was the hottest gift of the 2006 holiday season. According to Nintendo, such sales are very hard to pull off especially when a game console is launched in March, which is very far from the nearest present giving holiday season. The fact that the Switch has been able to sell well during its first two days after launch is a very good sign.

Tablet Style Console

Will The Switch Continue With The Same Momentum?

The most important thing for the Switch is to continue with the same momentum. The reason why the Nintendo Wii emerged as the company’s best-selling console is that users still demanded it long after its first sales season. Thus, if the Switch remains in demand long after its launch season, it will definitely make huge sales. According to Wingfield, in addition to great console sales, ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is breaking records as well to become the fastest selling release title. This makes enough sense, many individuals who bought the Switch during the weekend bought it with the aim of playing ‘Breath of the Wild’ no doubt. Besides this being a fantastic game, it is one of those games that appeal directly to the most loyal fans of Nintendo.

The question remains whether the Switch will be in a position to maintain the momentum throughout the year. There are other notable games expected to join the race such as ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’, expected to be launched later in April. The fact that the new Mario game, which is considered to be the perfect competitor for the Switch doesn’t launch until late April means that the Switch still has time to enjoy off the roof sales.

It is very early to predict how the Switch will perform in general and whether its sales can compare with the Wii’s. However, at this point, the Switch’s future looks promising, and the portable home console is likely to make even higher sales. Considering the fact that most game consoles are released in November, this is a great start for the Switch. Moreover, the numerous Switch sales indicate that individuals will purchase consoles and games no matter the period as long as they are worth purchasing.
Nnintendo Switch

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According to the sales figures for North, South America and Europe, the Nintendo Switch is now the fastest-selling game console in the history of the Japanese company. However, the company is yet to reveal worldwide sales for the new console, but within its first two days on the market, its sales have surpassed the Wii both in the Americas region and Europe. The Americas region covers the US, Mexico, Latin America and Canada. The tablet style console went on sale last Friday and can be played on the go and televisions. Although people had criticized it for having a weak roaster launch titles and a high price, the widespread sales and queues in stores indicate strong demand.