Android’s Fighting Games: The Best of Them All

Android’s Fighting Games: The Best of Them All

Just the other day, smart phones were introduced into the market, and the world of games took a turn for the better. Today, this type of advancement and growth continues to grow and develop with every passing minute. The games played in the beginning include fighting games have now been designed to fit into a specific line of code that can be enjoyed using a smart phone running on Android operating system. However, today, the games are played on different portals not like in the past where you had to sit in front of the television and play with your partners. Well for those who love games, here is a list of the best fighting games played on Android today.

1. King of Fighters

This is one of the best fighting of all games that has stood still and kept up with the competition over time. It is an essentially entertaining fight where the players have different capabilities including forming their own teams. The game is a port game with Bluetooth connectivity. The connectivity enables the control of the different controllers when playing the game. In addition, this connectivity is preferred instead of the touch sensitivity that makes the game a complicated one. The game offers an extensive list of players that are different and have different capabilities for you to choose from when starting to play the game. The game offers you a higher level of customization offering the best opportunity and making it the best port game in the market today.

2. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2
Are you into elegance, stealth and spy like movements that are unseen and unprecedented, then the Shadow Fight 2 is your best bet in a fighting game. The fighters’ battle in the background and all that is seen is their shadows following a specific storyline. As the storyline goes, you gain different abilities and capabilities such as unlocking doors to the armory, acquiring different weapons or learning different martial skills to help you on the way in facing your opponents. The animations presented in this game are out of this world. Furthermore, they depict diversity in the movements and the detection hit allows you to perform arts in a way that is intriguing and interesting to the players i.e. midair kicks. The game has no Bluetooth support or connectivity.

3. Mortal Kombat X

If you are an action lover, then this is your game. It is one of the best fighting games that can be customized and used on an Android platform. The game provides new characters and old ones all mixed and combined together to your satisfaction. The game employs the most efficient touch control ensuring you enjoy it and that there are no inhibitions in that regard. The fighting encourages battles of 3 people versus 3. However, the game occupies a lot of space but if interested, it is one that isn’t worth losing due to space

4. Injustice: Gods Amongst Us


This is the best fighting game for Android players that are fans of comic books and their heroes. The game is based on different heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Flash among others. It is a gathering of the most elite gangs of super heroes including the Joker. It utilizes touch screen game controls that are effective but are not ideal for playing the game. The game is similar to the Mortal Kombat. However, this is associated with the manufacturers or producers of the games who happen to be one and the same. This gives the fan base a choice in regards to the fighting game selected and if interested in playing the game, then you can have both with enough phone space.

5. Real Boxing 2

This is one of the best Rocky franchises out there in the market in reference to fighting games. It is one of kick boxing game that allows you to develop your own characters and players’ career. You grow in your boxing career as designed and desired by you as the player. You play or box against your desired and favorite characters in the Rocky boxing ring.

The controls presented in this game are easy, fast to learn and easy to use in general. When it comes to becoming a master with the controls, you should be warned that it takes a bit linger to understand them in depth. The game provides you with the much-needed space when starting out but the challenges keep advancing as you grow and progress with your knowledge of the game. At the very end, you will have to employ all that you have learned in order to outdo your challengers and or opponents. Furthermore, the game offers a free platform for you to play.

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Games continue to be developed, advertised and launched on different operating systems. However, Android has given you the opportunity to experience and engage in a fighting game on a continuous basis on its operating platforms. This will boost your entertainment levels and your game capabilities within a short while as the game is always there for you to play when bored. Furthermore, you will become an expert in a short while fighting or boxing others out of your way.