The Next Apple Watch Might Break Away The Independence From iPhone

The Next Apple Watch Might Break Away The Independence From iPhone

The next generation Apple watch might connect directly to cellular networks and break free from your iPhone. The watch is not yet named, but it might be called series 3.

It will allow you to download songs and carry out more Internet-based tasks. It is independent of iPhone connections, even for making voice calls.

Manufacturer Details and Claims about This New Device

The manufacturer of this new Apple watch is Apple Inc. They claim that this device will provide the users with untethered wearable experience.

Currently, Apple is negotiating with wireless carriers in the U.S. as well as Europe to support the sale of this next-generation Apple watch. Sprint Corp., Verizon Communications Inc., AT&T Inc., and T-Mobile US Inc. have signed in to support and sell this new device.

The Features of the New Apple Watch

Features of the new apple watch

This new wearable device will come with an LTE chip that will allow it to stand-alone. It is aimed at reducing the reliance on the iPhones.

The battery life is expected to be long-lasting to allow you to access Internet services for long durations. The company is working on improving the battery life. They are employing VOIP and data across a CAT-M1 for superior battery life.

This device will come with improved software, the WatchOS 4 to replace WatchOS 3. The new operating system will feature more robust workout functions, have more Siri-voice enabled features as well the ability to use iMessage to send payments, connect to gym equipment, and to display new stories.

The Source of the Chips

Intel Corp. will supply these LTE modems for the smart watches. Some reports show that they have been trying for years to get their components into the Apple devices.

It is a big plus to this company. Qualicomm Inc. previously supplied the modems in the Apple mobile gadgets, but it seems like the two companies have a legal dispute. Intel Corp. had already supplied some of the modems for the iPhones last year.

Comparison with the Current Apple Watch

Comparison with the current apple watch

The current models have to be connected to an iPhone in order to update apps or information on maps, messages etc. This new device will not require a cellular data connection for you to update any information.

It can connect to known wireless networks to update information without an iPhone. A GPS will also be incorporated in the device. It will allow it to track the distance you have traveled on walks or runs accurately while leaving the iPhone at home.

The New Connectivity

The devices will access the network via LTE modem, which is claimed to be from by Intel. This will allow the users to access the Internet and carry out various activities such as downloading apps, music, etc. without necessarily connecting this device to your iPhone.

The smart watch can connect directly to cellular networks.

How to Use This New Apple Watch ?

To use this device, you must first log in to the network from your iPhone to allow the feature to work effectively in future. You can now leave your device at home and enjoy Internet services from your watch.
You can also receive and make calls from your watch so long as it is within Bluetooth coverage from your iPhone.

The Impact of This Apple Watch to the Ranking of Apple Inc. When it Comes to Wearable Devices

Impact of this apple watch to the ranking of apple inc

This device is expected to sell greatly due to the inclusion of the LTE modem. The modem allows the device to stand-alone, which will greatly boost its sale.

According to the current research, Apple Inc. ranks third after Fitbit Inc. and Xiaomi Corp. when it comes to wearable devices. However, it ranks highly when it comes to iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

This new device is expected to change this ranking of the wearable devices to new heights.

The Advantage of This New Apple Watch

  • It will allow you to access the Internet without depending on your phone for cellular data connectivity thus reducing the over reliance to the iPhone.
  • It will allow you to track the distance accurately.
  • Allows you to receive phone calls, stream Apple music, receive notifications, or send messages
  • The manufacturer claims that it is more health based

Advantage of this new apple watch

The Availability and Pricing of This New Apple Watch

Currently, the device is not available in the market and less is know about it from the reports given on the websites. However, it is expected to launch later this year. We hope it will come at an affordable price to allow many people to enjoy using this new device.

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This new Apple watch device is a unique device as compared to the current wearable watches from the company. It comes with an inbuilt LTE chip that enables it to connect to 4G networks without the need of paired iPhone. It allows you to access the Internet from your device without necessarily connecting it to the iPhone.

With this, you can update the app and download music and many more tasks. This smart watch is expected to launch this year with the next generation of Apple products.

However, it might delay to next year. It is expected to sell incredibly after being launched due to the addition of LTE chips. However, this is not the only feature coming from the company this year. You should expect more from the company.