Galaxy Note 8 Or iPhone? Which One Is the Best Buy?

Galaxy Note 8 Or iPhone? Which One Is the Best Buy?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note is back from the dead, and it is known to be safer and better than before. After releasing successfully its Galaxy S8, Samsung is getting ready to bring Galaxy Note back for you.

The road to bringing back this Note 8 has not been smooth and has been filled with many lessons learned for the company.

The proof to this recovery is the release of Galaxy S8 which has been well received and had a near flawless launch. The company has grown in its sale every year both in U.S and across the world. It is similar with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

It is has a slightly larger display with super narrow bezels on its top and bottom, its display is estimated to be 6.3 inches. It has been designed so that it can give you more display to use.

It has been made of metal and glass so that it feels as premium as ever and its entire buttons feel great.

Expected Date To Be Available For You

expected date to be available for you

This is a smart phone that is expected to be available officially for pre order from all U.S starting 24 August, and the shipping will begin on 15th September. The company’s unlocked version will also be available for the first time during the launch day for this phone.

There is a sweet deal from Samsung for those individuals who will buy Note 8 between 24th Aug and 24 Sept which include a fast wireless charging cradle galaxy foundation kit which has a 128GB memory card and a free Gear 360 camera.

Differences Between Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone

differences between galaxy note 8 and iphone

1. Display –

The Galaxy Note 8 has 6.3-inch display with 2960 by 1440 pixel panel while the iPhone’s new device has a 5.8-inch display and features a resolution of 2436 by 1125 pixels. The Note 8 has a super AMOLED screen which is known to provide tons of accurate color whereas Apple looks forward to bringing the iPhone to next generation with the OLED panel for the first time.

This movement from LCD to OLED is anticipated to help Apple company move close to Samsung in closing the big gap between their phones. The iPhone is expected to have a flat display as compared to Note 8 which will have a curved Infinity Edge panel.

The Apple’s screen is going to have pressure sensitivity as Note 8 has no such feature.

2. Security –

The fingerprint for Note 8 is just next to rear camera while Apple has myriad of alternatives for where it will place the biometric sensors. It is anticipated that iPhone will depend on 3D facial recognition as it drops its Touch ID.

3D facial recognition is also used by Note 8.


3. Cameras –

Note 8 has a dual 1 MP rear camera and has caught up to the lenses on the iPhone’s back.

Therefore, Note 8 has a 2* optical zoom and has the ability to shoot portraits with focused subjects as well as blurred backgrounds.

Apple is capable of stacking the rear shooters vertically while Note 8 can stack the rear shooters horizontally.

Apple has released its developer tools known as ARKit which is aimed to help app makers to create AR-ready software. The iPhone cameras are anticipated to gain 3D sensor tricks as well as infrared technology to allow users take 3D selfies and also help you to unlock your phone with your face.

The iPhone is also anticipated to help in identifying your mood through measuring your facial expression.

4. Specs and Performance –

Note 8 is powered by Qualcomm 835 CPU, and it is expected to be faster than Galaxy S8. It has more memory packing from 4GB to 6GB. However, it is not expected to be faster than iPhone.

specs and performance

5. Battery Life and Charging –

Note 8 has a 3,300 mAh battery which is anticipated have less battery life. However, the battery lifespan for the iPhone has not been provided.

6. Outlook –

Among the two phones, there is none that looks like clunker; this is because each one has its own strengths and weakness. The iPhone appears to be more powerful while the screen seems to lag behind.

The Note 8 has a larger screen with high-resolution panel.

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There are a lot of similarities as well as differences between these two phones. They are more advanced phones that will help you take quality pictures for your own use.

They are unique in their ways, and it is up to you to make a choice.

Each one of the phones has its own strengths and weakness. They all use facial recognition technology, and both are able to offer photo tricks from the dual rear camera.

While the Note 8 has been anticipated to be ready in the market for you to order as from 24 August to 24 September, Apple has not yet provided the dates for its iPhone. They both use wireless charging; this is an indication that technology is being utilized at its best for the benefit of you and me.

You can pre order the Note 8 and make a sweet deal with Samsung.