Windows 10 to Open Up a New Era of Smartphones

Windows 10 to Open Up a New Era of Smartphones

Do you remember how cell phones have developed during the years? Most of you should remember the first ones, if you don’t remember then you should have seen them in old movies where they used phones that weighed around 1 kilogram to communicate with each other. Those phones were expensive, uncomfortable and looked like the ones that the military used.

Then around the opening of the 21st century a new era has come with cell phones that had buttons. You could not only use them for calling somebody, but you could text somebody too. In addition, you could play games on it too. However, those games were pretty old and bad (but not Snake).

The newest era of smartphones that we are living in has been opened up by the release of the first working iPhone in 2007 where Steve Jobs has stated you don’t even need buttons to navigate in the menu of your phone, since there is a touchscreen, which could be used with your own fingers.

Now, it looks like Microsoft has a breakthrough here where the tech giant has a chance to prove that Windows Phones are really great devices.

The New Windows Phone and the New Era of Smartphones

We have shown you how the cellular phone has emerged and developed during the years, but what is this article about? Isn’t it about the Windows Phone opening up a new era? Yes, that’s right, that’s the topic we will talk about now!

I have written in the first section of this article that Microsoft has planned and could open up a new era of phones. However, I have not written why I think this could happen. The cause of this should be the release of the Windows 10 operating system that will be both released for computers along with its other version for phones and tablets. There has been a name change in this version of Windows since logically Windows 9 should have been released this year, but Microsoft has renamed this version to Windows 10. My guess for why this has happened is that Microsoft wants to open up a new era in both smartphones and computers. However, let’s talk about only smartphones here since that’s our topic. Microsoft’s big plan is to make a cross-platform operating system with the Windows 10. What am I saying with all this and how is this possible? Let’s follow the next paragraph, I will explain it there.

With the release of the Windows 10, it will be possible to plug your phone into a monitor and with a keyboard and a mouse, use it as a computer! Since the Windows 10 OS will be a cross-platform one, you can use your Windows Phone just as you would use your computer! You need an HDMI cable and you are done! Just imagine that you need to do urgent work that you couldn’t do on your phone. What would you do if that device would be a Windows Phone with the newest Windows Phone 10 OS on it? You would find a device (a monitor or a TV or something with an HDMI cable and a screen) and you would plug your phone into that electronic device and use it as a computer and problem solved! This new improvement by Microsoft could change the current era of the smartphones or could open up a brand new one.

I’m sure that not only Microsoft will use this cross-platform option, the first company to join into this new technology will be Apple since the company has several platforms to work on. They have the iPad, the tablet, the iPhone, their most famous smartphone and the Mac, which is the company’s computer platform. Their users would be pretty satisfied if Apple could be the first company to join into the competition with Microsoft’s new idea. However, with Microsoft’s new releases this year and next year, with the Windows 10 operating system and the Microsoft HoloLens, it could happen that the Redmond Company would get into a better position than Apple on the market. We will see!

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