Genius Easton Lachapelle Creates A 3D Printed Robotic Arm

Genius Easton Lachapelle Creates A 3D Printed Robotic Arm

This is a robotic arm that has been designed to help those with missing hand work effectively as if they have both natural hands.

It is a robotic arm that was first designed by Easton LaChapelle, a 21 years old engineer who anticipates moving to the next standard of the 3D printed prosthetic and helping those with a missing hand.

At least about thirty million people across the world are in need of a prosthetic device to help them work effectively and feel like others. However, the average cost of a fully working prosthesis cost more than $100,000

Behind Creation of 3D Printed Robotic Arm

behind creation of 3d printed robotic arm

Easton LaChapelle was approached by a non Profit organization in Florida who was working with a small girl.

The girl had a missing hard, and it was difficult for her to handle her tasks well due to the missing hand.

The girl was nine years old, and she has been struggling to find a prosthetic that would work for her as she desires.

Therefore, Easton LaChapelle teamed with Microsoft to create a realistic robotic arm for this girl. This is a big jump in technology as well as prosthetic as it helps in building something that looks exactly like a human hand.

It should also apply to the feeling of the skin as well as folding of the fingers. This is helping for you to be able to perform most of your tasks and it makes it possible for you to ride at your own pleasure.

This is a great inspiration for everyone, and it helps boost the creation of prototypes for any individual with a missing hand.

Easton LaChapelle has published his designs online so that you can be able to download and print it. His goal is to make sure that there is simple and affordable replication for someone who wants to a hand or that person who wants to build one for a friend, relative or even to assist others.

With this kind of technology to make affordable prototypes, no one will be left out.

How to Build A Robotic Hand?

how to build a robotic hand

You are required to find the files and make sure that you assemble the instructions that you require to build a hand.

Apart from Easton LaChapelle designs, there are other different collections for 3D printable designs that you can download when you want to build a prototype.

They are free for downloads and fabrication by anyone who wishes to learn more about the different designs and fabricate one for someone who is in need.

Steps To Be Followed

Step 1- You are required to access to the 3D printer of your own, or you can find it from your friend or third parties. Then you should visit the 3D printing options page with the links to makerspaces, fablabs and schools.

You can also find information on how you can purchase your own 3D printer if you wish to have one.

Step 2- You are required to determine or choose the best design that works for your own needs or rather the design that you would wish to print. In case of any questions or clarifications, you are advised to ask guidance from the volunteer community.

steps to be followed

This will make the process easier and makes sure that you build the hand faster. It will also instill the knowledge in you so that you can guide other or make more for those in need.

Step 3- You are advised to check the resource page. This is where you will find hardware resources, tutorials and other important information that will be of help when you are creating the device on your own.

You can also find questions that may help you on the e-NABLE Answerhub.

Step 4- you can watch the tutorial video so that you can learn more on how to take images for exact measurements that you require to create the best device.

Purchasing Of Materials Required

You are advised to purchase all the required materials after you have made a decision on which design you want. All the materials that you need to assemble a prototype can be purchased through online or through trusted retailers.

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Creating a robotic hand for someone in need will be much easier with the availability of information online. This is so because you will be able to access the information, choose the design you want, get the required instructions and assemble the required materials.

The advanced technology is of importance as it allows someone with a missing hand have one so that she or he can be able to handle his or her tasks as if having two hands.

It will help her even ride; this is a great inspiration that will leave no one as it will be more simple and affordable.

Charities have come to assist the less fortunate people who wish to have the prototype yet they cannot afford.

If you wish to build one for someone, then you are advised to have a 3D printer and access the sites where you will find all the required information as well as steps in building it.