Timekettle WT2 – Real Time Earpiece to Translate Conversation

Timekettle WT2 – Real Time Earpiece to Translate Conversation

This is an advanced device that is known to help in translation across language barriers while you are conversing. It is a device that makes it possible for two different people who speak distinct language to understand one another.

It is a product that has been produced by a company known as Time kettle. It was tested last month at the TechCrunch event, which was held in Shenzhen.

It has two wireless earpieces where each individual in a multilingual conversation is supposed to wear one and they help in translating what is being said into the language that is being spoken by the participants.
It is known to be a Babel fish although it has been admitted to be a rough and draft of one.

The Brain Behind This Device

This is a device that was founded by Wells Tu. He wanted to know or understand the complexity of communication and the importance of things such as body language to effective communication.

He wanted to create a simple device so that it can be easy for the users to utilize its benefits for desired communication.

The product may lead to latency that may make you wait for sometime before it responds. However, the team is working on this latency so that you can achieve your expectation.

They are working on the latency time period so that it reduces to about 1-3 seconds and this will required a lot of optimization of the device whole process of its data transmission between its app, server and the earpieces.

About The Device


This is a device that is known to live in little charging case and you are advised to take them out when you want to speak to a person who does not understand the language you speak.

Then one of the earpieces goes in the other person’s ear while the other goes in your ear. They are known to pair automatically when they are removed from its case with your iOS app so that it can start monitoring your speech and help you understand one another.

When one speaks in English, there will be a short delay before the other person hears it in the language that he understands such as Chinese. Then he will be able to respond in his language (Chinese) and you will be able to hear what he said in English.

Though the spotty and wireless connection that is at the venue does not help and therefore, you are required to have solid data connection, which will help solve this problem. This will be helpful at least up to when the offline translation will be good enough.

The Features Of The Device

They include the following:

  • Real time automatic audio for interaction.
  • Voice latency of about 1 to 3 seconds for effective communication.
  • Translation accuracy that meet your daily communication.
  • Smart speech translation speech.
  • Free posture for face to face communication.

Advantages Of Using WT2 Earpiece From Timekettle

advantages of using wt2 earpiece from timekettle
This is a device that is known to help you experience the following benefits:

  • It is a simple way that helps you share earpieces for you to communicate well with another person who speaks a different language from what you speak.
  • It makes it possible for you talk to the other person as if he understands and speaks your language too.
  • It helps you use a facial expression like eye contact as usual as well as it allows you to use other ordinary gesture to make your conversation more effective.
  • It is a device that fits pretty well in your ear without having to cause any discomfort.
  • It is known to work well as far as you will be able to keep the translation expectation from this device as realistic as possible.
  • It is known to be ubiquitous when it will be in used or when it will be available in the market.

The Disadvantages Of This Device

This is a device that has the following cons:

  • It is a device that is not yet in the market and you cannot purchase it as at now.
  • It will be a rare and weird device when it will be introduced to the market for the first time.
  • It is being anticipated to work only for ¾ of the time that you will be engaged in a conversation.
  • There is no disclosure on how much the product will cost or its estimated cost.
  • There is less information on the features of the product that has been provided in the website.

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This is a device that is known to help in translation when two people who are speaking different languages want to converse. It is a ready to use a device that uses just one app that you do not need to download.

It has charging case that is meant to wake up your translating earphones automatically for better conversation.

It is a device that is capable of taking communication to another level as it makes it possible for two individuals who speak different languages converse as usual with common gestures and facial expressions.