Traversing The Virtual Reality World With Samsung Gear VR Controller

Traversing The Virtual Reality World With Samsung Gear VR Controller

This is a device that is responsible for giving a great experience while you are at a concert or while you are sailing through the ocean.

It will immerse you in a 360 degrees environment and it may also help you create your own stories so that you can be able to share them within the Samsung VR.

Samsung Gear VR, the headset is known to have received a software upgrade that is meant to be the game changer in March. It is a new controller that is capable of allowing you to bring your hands into the game as well as allowing you to immerse experience you wish to have.

This is a software that is important in this era where mobile virtual is a reality and it is meant to stay.

The Software Upgrade Of Gear VR Headset

The upgrade of the software for this gear VR headset has been powered by the Facebook’s Oculus. The software upgrade is responsible for the improved resolution as well as increased battery life to make sure that there is more respectable gaming skill and experience.

It has also introduced a sequence of new Oculus browser, which is meant to help you view and analyze the web from within this VR experience.

The handheld controller is capable of improving the whole experience as it is known to respond seamlessly to the movement in the VR. The intuitive reactions will make for an organic and a real experience.

This headset is known to be compatible with Galaxy gadgets from the S8+ as well as Note5 and you are required to place the device into the VR headset so that you can be ready to begin exploring.

Lance Ulanoff, the chief technology expert and Mashable’s Editor at large said that if you have a modern Samsung Galaxy smart phone, then this VR gear is suitable for your own use. This is a device that is available online and it is known to be priced at $112.84 only.

The Software Updates

software upgrade of gear vr headset

These are the upgrades that were added to the device so that it can give you a great experience.
All the software updates are meant to work seamlessly with the Gear VR controller so that it takes us to one closer and tiny step to blurring the lines that are between the Oculus Rift and Gear VR experience.
The updates include the following:

Oculus Explore

This is the opening menu that is responsible in streaming the entire process for you to browse with VR app in the Oculus Home. The entire home environment looks crisper in terms of its resolutions.

It is responsible in increasing consumption of the power as well as improving its resolution. This will help you achieve up to thirty percent more of its battery life while you are in Oculus Home.

Oculus Browser

This is a tool that is capable of giving you a traditional browser interface as well as virtual keyboard, which are known to allow you peruse through the web while you are using VR.

This update is huge as it is responsible in encouraging anybody using the Gear VR to be able to stay in the Oculus Home much longer than slipping VR headset off as you are looking so that you can read something on web as well as helping you to conduct something simple like Google search.

Oculus Avatar Editor

oculus avatar editor

This is a powerful tool, which is responsible of bringing the required level of avatar customization that is found on Oculus Rift to the Gear VR Headset users.

There is the same level as the Avatar Editor customization which is found in the Rift so that we achieve a wide range of color, clothing gender as well as face shape customization.

Advantages Of Upgraded Software

  • It is capable of giving you three hundred and thirty immersions and help you enjoy a wide field of view.
  • It has new features which help you to interact with your friends in a VR, you can be able to watch a movie on a TV together, chat in the virtual world and it can also help you play a game with your friend.
  • It makes it possible for seamless integration with your Samsung gear which helps in creating your own VR substance.


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This is a device that is capable of giving you a new experience and it helps you explore. It is capable of being compatible with you Samsung Galaxy gadgets for better and more advanced experience that will make sure that you feel satisfied.

It is capable of helping you play with your friend, you can also watch a movie and you can also be able to chart in a totally virtual world.

It is meant to give you a complete 360 degrees where you can immerse yourself and be able to experience and explore more. It is meant to integrate seamlessly with Samsung so that you can be able to create a world of your own VR headset content.