11 Amazing Macbook Touch Bar Apps will Give You a Memorable Experience

11 Amazing Macbook Touch Bar Apps will Give You a Memorable Experience

The 2016 MacBook brought to life touch bar, a retina touchscreen that is sensitive to context. This new technology replaces the use of row of function keys in the earlier setting of the old laptops. Developers are working round the clock to develop apps that will work in line with this new technology. Below is a list of the touch bar apps that will transform your Macbook:

1. Rocket

This app also enables the user to switch between apps more conveniently and fast. The most exciting difference is that the user can launch any app on the gadgets dock in addition to the ones on use. Rocket can also be used anytime and on any part of the MacBook, actually it is a standalone menu bar app. It therefore gets you off the taskbar confinement.

2. Doom

This is a touch bar app that was developed by a Facebook engineer, Adam bells. While he configured the app so as to display his personal stuff, it has turned out to be a working app on MacBook. Though not ideal, the app is cool.

3. Touch Switcher

Touch Switcher
This app is of great help to the user as it makes the best of the touch bar. With this app, you will be able to access all running applications on the MacBook. It is also easy to switch within all open applications on your gadget without having to cycle through them individually. It therefore saves on time.

4. Knight TouchBar 2000

This app enables you to play the knight rider theme song while you touch bar replays the illumination front of the Pontiac Trans Am. This is a favorite of many modern users. It virtually brings attractive animation on your MacBook, making it a fascinating sight.

5. Pac-Man Pac Bar

This app bring the celebrated games of the past generation arcades to the present on your mac. This app enables you to moves arrows of your gadget to move small pac-man left, right up and down to avoid collision with ghosts on the screen. It brings priceless happiness and gives you a nostalgic feeling for free as it can be downloaded for free on GitHub.

6. Touch Bar Piano

Touch Bar Piano
This app was developed by Graham Parks, a distinguished app developer. This app enables you to tickle virtual ivory keys rather than boring routine laptop typing keys. This gives you an excellent break from the normal cycle of typing. It has over a hundred and thirty distinct musical instruments ranging from drum sets to guitars. It has choir voices all at the mercies of your fingers. This app therefore enables you to master the art of music on your MacBook.

7. Lemmings

This app was developed by Erik Olsson an accomplished app designer. He has actually confirmed that it is the most sophisticated app that he has ever built. This app enables you to change your touch bar to a stage for beautifully built green-haired lemmings to walk over. This brings the last century’s sensation. This merge of the last century’s simple technology with the current technology enables you to have lemmings stroll over your MacBook to the size of the screen. Stopping them on their strut is just by a simple tap. The soft lemmings music playing on the background puts the icing on the cake.

8. TouchBar Dino

Of the many apps that enables you to have the old school experience, TouchBar Dino is the most lively and appropriate rudimentary app. It offers utilities and graphics of the past in their real state of the past. By tapping on the screen, you are able to guide your small Dino to hop above Cacti. It is such an addictive app a too much use of it pulls you to using it even more.

9. TouchFart

When you want to go berserk and run the bad guy side of you after splashing a handsome amount of your fortune on your MacBook, then TouchFart enables you to ‘touch to fart’. This dump app gives the service of a modern whoopee. It is available on GitHub. The app has two emoji customized to relate to farts. When it appears on your screen, you can use them coupled with mortifying sounds will enable you prank friends at the press of the button. When using it to the fullest, this app makes you silently feel the happiness of acting a little immature.

10. Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat
It is a rainbow look like adorable touch bar app. It illuminates MacBook use giving you a lively mood. Nyan Cat touch bar makes you get internet favorite memes as it uses codes posted by Vatsaev Aslan to GitHub. This gives the user the sense of life on the screen of their MacBook.

11. TouchBar Santa

This app is ideal for the holidays and it is available on GitHub. This is the season for Santa, graces your touch bar. While on your online escapades you can get into the Christmas festive mood orchestrated by this app. It has a jolly old Saint Nick running across your MacBook’s screen in a classy festive like red suit complete with a red cap.

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With these apps, your mac will become more efficient and effective. Embrace one or more of these apps and you will love the experience.