Google’s Gboard Added Draw Doodle Support For Google Maps & Youtube!

Google’s Gboard Added Draw Doodle Support For Google Maps & Youtube!

Smart upgrades are now the way to go with many technological companies taking to ensure that their applications not only offer customer convenience and a streamlined user experience but are also smart.

Many people may think that it is just a futile attempt, but it is apparent that people are now taking such serious upgrades seriously and warming up to them. This can already be seen with the new GBoard smart keyboard from Google for iPhone devices.

The upgrades being witnessed on it are amazing for many if not simply entertaining and convenient.

Gboard Keyboard Application

Gboard keyboard application

It is a smart keyboard for the different iPhone devices meant to make typing or chatting easier and faster.

The application was launched in May of this year. Similar to other keyboard features, it came with other additional and much cooler features for users.

Some of them include the use of Emojis, an in built Google search feature, GIF support and even glide typing. The smart keyboard application that is owned and run by Google is about to launch new features.

Google claims that the features will be useful and essential especially if aiming to send quick and faster chat messages. This is also aimed to ensure more usage of the application due to the ease of use experienced with the updates available and upcoming ones.

You Tube And Google Maps

you tube and google maps

GBoard smart keyboard application updates have just added to its list of convenient use You tube search abilities and capabilities and Google Maps. You can now access you tube and Google maps by simply pressing a button on the GBoard smart keyboard itself.

All you have to do is install the application and enjoy all of these new features. To operate the GBoard smart keyboard application to access the new features, you are advised to press the G button available on the left-hand side corner of your iPhone keyboard.

The button offers you the opportunity to select the desired feature i.e. you tube or Google maps.


Imagine not having to go all the way in search of the different applications just to send your family or friends your current location or address!

Adding YouTube and Google Maps to the GBoard smart keyboard application is an easier and faster way to offer such information and chat.

You can use it to share, upload or view locations and videos at the snap of your fingers. No more time wasted on browsing the iPhone’s applications looking for Google maps and other links.

All you need is the GBoard smart keyboard application and you are set.

Gboard Smart Keyboard Applications Prior Achievements
Gboard smart keyboard applications prior achievements

Before the upgrade, the GBoard smart keyboard application was functional and could assist you in different convenient functionalities. These included checking out sports scores, looking for newer articles that were latest on the search engine among others.

However, this was not interesting enough and was sort of boring for many. By adding the two other features to the application, things have changed, and it is now much more fun, and adventurous t have the application on your iPhone.

This also includes the new drawing support feature available on the keyboard as well.

Gboard Smart Keyboard Application Newest Drawing Feature

Do you enjoy drawing within your text messages when chatting with friends? Well, if you do, here is another GBoard smart keyboard application update that you will definitely like.

The updates now offer people the chance and opportunity to draw images on their text messages when chatting or texting. This feature is referred to as the INK.

gboard smart keyboard application newest drawing feature

It allows you to draw anything that you desire using primary colors only. To access it: Click Emoji button and select the pen icon.

The drawing support feature is said to work and operate similarly to the Apple’s drawing pads that are available for use on Apple iMessage.

Gboard Smart Keyboard Application Language Updates

Diversity is something that is prided in even when it comes to using applications on your mobile device.
This is why the GBoard smart keyboard application has added new languages i.e. Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic for its keyboard users.

This clearly indicates Google’s need and want in diversifying the application and ensuring that it is supported for use in different world markets as well.

Gboard Smart Keyboard Application For iOS

Gboard smart keyboard application for ios

Well, it is about time that you tried something new with your iPhone keyboard. Using the normal buttons each single day can become boring and tiring, adding some fun and adventure to your daily keyboard use can be entertaining.

The GBoard smart keyboard offers some awesome features that only make life easier for you, they also save you time.

Replacing your normal iOS keyboard on your phone with the prestigious GBoard smart keyboard application is something that you should consider.

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The GBoard smart keyboard application is now topping the lists on applications that you need to try out for your iOS.

With the advanced functionalities and the updated features, adventure is bound to occur.
Have some fun when chatting and texting with friends and family with the new features on the GBoard smart keyboard application from Google.