Holothink Deep Zen App – Facts You Should Know

Holothink Deep Zen App – Facts You Should Know

The Deep Zen is one of meditation programs provided by Holothink. It uses music to sooth the mind and induces a relaxed state. Meditation is an ancient art that has been used for a lot of generations to relieve stress and calm the body. It takes a long period of constant and consistent practice to master it in order to enjoy its full benefits. However, not everyone has the time and level of commitment that this art requires which is why Deep Zen app and program comes in handy. With this app you can go into a deep meditative state by listening to binaural beats set in predetermined format.

The Science Behind its Functionality

The app can be used to download programs to any device that can play audio. The audio or mp3 files in question have been digitally programmed to create a zen state by listening through both ears. The beats are not ordinary beats that are common in typical music tracks but have a special effect on the brain. Their binaural nature helps the brainwaves in a state of complete relaxation where the brain disconnects from the reality on the ground. At this point, feelings of stress and depression are completely eliminated and the user or listener can bond with his or her inner self.

Access to Mediation Programs

Access to mediation programs
The Deep Zen app can allow access to the meditation programs from Holothink which consists of three meditation levels. The first level audio meditation level allow the listener to engage in Theta Brainwave frequency which involves alternating phases of deep mediation and waking up. The audio meditation level One also improves cognitive thinking process and enhances memory besides relieving stress and improving a sense of self worth and appreciation. Meditation Level Two prevents brain laxity and sluggishness by using low frequency carrier waves and just like Level One is also improves focus and facilitates a sharper brain.

The Level Three plan on the other hand also avails a powerful method of inducing brain relaxation. It uses the Triple Chord Harmonic technique which has been considered by many professionals in the field as being very powerful and should only be used when having progressed or passed through the initial two stages. All the three packages of meditation are available on the website and can be downloaded into any mp3 player that the user has on the device he or she is using.

Accredited Benefits

Apart from soothing the brain and elevating stress, Holothink Deep Zen program also comes with a host of other advantages to both physical and mental health. It improves memory and self consciousness. In addition to that is also improves intuition and instincts. Direct benefits aside, Holothink has also made this meditation program unique from other mediation programs with reference to the aspect of service delivery.

Holothink offers money back guarantee to customers unimpressed with the program. It is therefore allowed for users to request for refunds I they will that the programs is just not working as it is purported to or if the results are not substantial. However, the manufacturer has made it a priority to reduce instances of this scenario by devising the program with a team of skilled researchers in the art of meditation.

Does it work?

Twenty minutes a day is all it takes to get results from this therapy program. Within that time increase in energy and a subsequent decrease in stress levels will be experienced. Twenty minutes of pure binaural audio is can separate consciousness from physical form and other worldly distractions. It transcends the inner self into spiritual realm. However, it is important to note that for this program to work, complete dedication should be given to the audio beats; this means eliminating any form of distractions whether physical or mental.

Therapy program

Some of the users of Holothink Deep Zen App complain of lack of tangible benefits simply because they listen to the audio files while chatting in Facebook, doing household duties or any other activity that can potentially divert attention, partially if not whole. The result will always be a headache because the brain is stretched in multiple directions at the same time creating the opposite effect on the mind and body.


The Deep Zen program is meant specifically for improving the state of the mind. It is for the category of stressed out or depressed individuals who want to find inner peace and in so doing spent the least time possible to achieve that feat.

However, it is not meant for those with mental conditions or those under psychiatric evaluation programs. The program does not cure dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and the likes. If that is the case then specialized intervention is necessary subject to an expert’s assessment and guidelines.


Simply put, meditation is a state of mental break. At this state, the mind relaxes, the heart rate slows down and the body relaxes as well creating a state of complete zen. You become detached from reality and explore a virtual world simply through the listening of binaural beats. The Deep Zen app offers the platform for such a feeling without having to spend hours in a quiet setting trying to find inner peace.