The Next Installment Of Google Pixel Phone To be Launched on October 5

The Next Installment Of Google Pixel Phone To be Launched on October 5

It is anticipated that Google is getting ready for next generation of the Pixel phone that is to be released. This is a claim that was reported by leaker Evans Blass, he said that the Google is set to unveil its new models at event on 5th October.

It is also anticipated that this company will be able to reveal its hardware updates as well as other smart headphones to offer access to Google Assistant.

Evan Blass has also revealed that this Pixel phone will be released on late Wednesday and that this phone will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 chip.

Leaks by Blass have always been proven to be accurate.

Anticipated Features For Pixel 2 Phone

anticipated features for pixel 2 phone

Its body – It is anticipated that the phone’s body will be made of aluminum and its glass panel on the back that as designed previously to extend to cover its backside fingerprint sensor is expected to be smaller.

Fingerprint Sensor – It is expected that the phone’s fingerprint sensor will remain on the back (in the same spot as the previous one). There will be a USB-C port that you can use for charging so that you can use your phone efficiently.

Wireless Audio – It is anticipated that the phone will have wireless audio in future. This is so as it has no headphone jack. Smart phones are moving from use of headphones to having wireless headphones.

Squeezable Frame – The phone is expected to have a squeezable frame that is capable of launching apps or other shortcuts when you only grip the Pixel 2.

squeezable frame

Rear Camera – The improvements to the phone’s rear camera will lead to larger cutout which protrudes when you take a picture instead of sitting flush with its body.

Powerful – It is expected that Pixel 2 will have the best line of specifications as compared to other smart phones like Galaxy S8. It is anticipated to have Snapdragon 835 chip from Qualcomm.

It will also have a RAM of 4 GB; this is a combo that is found in most of the flagship Android phones 2017. Its storage is expected to be 64GB so that it helps you store your items in your phone for easier access to them when you need any.

Battery – It is expected to have a long lasting batter that is capable of keeping power for longer for you to use it as you wish. This will help you use the phone even when power if off and save your time of charging the phone frequently.

Screen Size and Model – It is anticipated that Pixel 2 phone will be about 6 inch model and has an 18:9 AMOLED display. Its display is expected to stretch from edge to edge and it is rumored that there maybe also a smaller model of the phone that is expected to be about 5 inches.

The resolutions to be expected on this 6 inch model is said to be same as that in LG G6, which is 2880 by 1440.

It is rumored that the phone will have an ambient on its display always, this will make it possible for the phone to display things such as clock, notifications and calendar on its screen while it is in standby. This functions just like the known Galaxy S8.

Company’s Plan

company plan

The company has both released sales data for this device and its executives told potential investors that they will incur significant amount in their marketing towards the end of this year. This is in conjunction with launching of Pixel 2 phone.

Google also getting ready to release pair of internet connected headpiece in addition to the new version of the flagship phone. The traces to such a project by Google and its code named Bisto were discovered in the company’s app for Android.

The clues suggested the earphones to connect directly to Google Assistant so that it can allow users to fire voice questions as well as hearing audio notifications.

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The Pixel 2 phone has been rumored to be created for Google by HTC. It is expected to have 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage to make sure that this phone is capable of holding more documents for your own use.

It is expected to be faster so that you can be able to download your items efficiently as well as storing them for ease of finding them in your phone. It will have a squeezable frame which is rumored to have HTC U11.

It will not have headphone jack and therefore, you are required to have them at your own cost so that you can listen to music or make a call with them as you wish.

The phone’s screen is expected to be smaller than that of Pixel 2 XL though its exact dimensions are no yet known. It is a phone that is expected to help you get better photos or pictures, tidier notifications and more features that you will be able to realize as you continue to use the phone.