Good News For Vloggers- iPhone 8’s Selfie Camera Soon To Be Launched

Good News For Vloggers- iPhone 8’s Selfie Camera Soon To Be Launched

Vloggers are video bloggers who have an interest in making videos about interesting topics, points of view, or their opinions.

Most of them have a tendency of just recording their daily life. Apple is innovatively developing new devices to strive to outdo the future with new technological advancements and improvements in the current technology.

iPhone 8’s selfie camera might be the best solution for vloggers, as it will help them capture clear images of what they want to blog about.

It allows for easy editing. iPhone 8’s selfie camera allows you to video blog like a pro. This article will help you know how this device will make you a pro in video blogging.

The Expected Features Of The New iPhone

Apple is on their toes trying to come up with new innovative devices as well as improving their current devices to fit into the future challenge facing each technology company.

Apple has decided to develop a mind-blowing device. The Apple iPhone 8 yet to enter the market will have new and improved features particularly the front camera and the face-unlocking capabilities. This is according to information leaked by HomePod firmware.

The Design Of The New Phone


The design of the new phone has leaked from the company. It comes with a curved display and sleek bezels. Also, it has no home buttons.

They are incorporating the TouchID sensor in the bottom half of the display. The design clearly shows the external features of the upcoming smartphone.

The leaked images clearly show that the company has maintained the Micro-LED display formula. Most of the key placements on this device remain standard.

It is rumored that this device will be almost all screen in the front. It has a frame rate of up to 60fps allowing it to capture videos clearly giving them a more lifelike look.

It is expected to house a microphone and flash for 4D audio. It is an improvement of the current device that has a frame rate of up to 30 fps.

The double frame rate is more advantageous in that it slows down footage when editing as well as reduce the motion blur especially after shooting fast-moving subjects such as in sports.

How Will This Device Be Of Great Impact To Vloggers


Most of the video bloggers prefer recording themselves to demonstrate something of interest or their opinion.

They need to look at their phone screen for them to frame their shots. Most popular vloggers in YouTube, prefer recording themselves with 4K at 60 fps.

This is because it offers quality images that are better looking. It has a great difference as compared to that of 30 fps.

The New iPhone 8 Camera

The company has stuck their iPhone’s selfie camera with full HD recording for the longest time. It includes 4K recording at a frame rate of up to 60 fps on the front as well as the back cameras.

If this is it, it might become the camera of choice for most of the vloggers. It is a better alternative to the bulky cameras.

The Advantages That Will Accompany This Device


  • It reduces motion blur to allow you to capture fast-moving subjects
  • It allows for quality editing as it slows down the footage
  • It captures a clear image making it perfect for vloggers
  • It is a better alternative to the bulky cameras

The Disadvantages Of The Devices

There are no known cons for this device as at now.

Availability And Pricing Of The New iPhone

This device has not yet been launched, thus it is not available on the market as at now. Many are hoping that it will come at an affordable price to allow have clear images from their own smart phones.

It is likely to be revealed in September, however, less is known about the launching. It is anticipated that they might launch it during their 10th-anniversary celebration.

Devices Likely To Be Launched By Apple

The company is likely to launch 3 iPhone models. These are anticipated to be an iPhone 8 or iPhone x and two evolutionary upgrades of the iPhone 7.

The new iPhone will have a large screen-to-body ratio, a 3D scanner that will allow the use of face recognition to unlock the phone, and no home button. However, this information has been leaked and it is not yet been confirmed.

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The future poses a challenge to each technology company when it comes to the advancements and improvements in the current technologies.

Apple has decided to develop and establish new ways to ensure that you get a quality image from your iPhone front camera.

To achieve this, the company has incorporated image sensors that are capable of recording video in 4K resolutions at 60 fps. iPhone8 is the most anticipated smartphone of the year.

However, customers provide challenges that are to be faced. Some of them include acceptance of the new technology while others challenge it in terms of the operation of the new device. It is important for you to carry out your own research on the same.