The Light Phone – Keeping You Connected Even in Remote Areas

The Light Phone – Keeping You Connected Even in Remote Areas

Technological growth and enhanced developments that are now entering the artificial intelligence era have made it impossible to hold a conversation face to face. People today turn to their emails, text and messaging platforms rather than calling their fellow colleagues, friends and families. All the other time, we are all busy glued to the screen day in day out. A coup d’etat can occur and our homes or towns turned upside down while in the same environment and not notice anything.

To change this kind of a situation, the Light Phone has been brought into the market. It is a unique phone and its features will disappoint many. This is because it utilizes the current technology that we have today, but lacks lot of the other accessories that people deem a must have on their smartphones. Here are some of the things that you should know in regards to the Light Phone.


The Light Phone has been designed in such a way that it is only useful in making and answering calls. This is a big setback for many who would like their smartphones carrying the recent most trending applications and softwares on them. Nevertheless, it is also a big achievement, and becomes an antagonist of the current smartphones. With its thin and light build, soon everyone will be fighting to have it as an addition into his or her smartphone collections. Furthermore, it is only $100 in the market.

Light Phone Feature

Other features

The Light Phone has no specific features to be customized to the user’s needs. It has no internet browser or space on which to install apps such as games, texting and messaging apps etc because the presence of these features would be a deal breaker. The aim of the phone is create a present social life for the user. All that is required is only a SIM card that will allow you to make and receive calls.


Smartphones in the market today have a very short battery life. If you are a country man where electricity can sometimes prove difficult to acquire, moving or travelling to remote areas, a smartphone would be of no use to you. However, the Light Phone makes the best companion for you. You only need to charge it once fully and you have yourself 20 days worth of battery life. Recharging it is quite and a simple power bank, your laptop or even other smart devices can be used to charge it through its USB charger and port.

The Light Phone


The Light Phone is meant to increase and interconnect people more. Instead of staring at our screens every day whether at work or at home, we have a tone breaker. The Light phone is quite essential in ensuring a balance in our technological lives. It allows us to communicate and express our emotions not through writing but by speaking them to others. Its integration into the lives of people whose selection of phones is especially smartphones is the best and it will ensure people keep a more physical, knowledgeable relationship than the platonic lives they lead on a daily basis through the texting platforms.

Free Talk Time

The Light Phone comes with around 500 minutes of free talk time pre paid. The goal is to ensure that you as an individual aren’t glued to your smartphone and its usage reduces with each passing moment. In addition, the aim is to ensure you are aware of yourself, others and the environment around you. Furthermore, smartphones constantly require updates, replacements and constant care, this is not the same with the Light Phone. It is long lasting; durable and its simplicity is elegance to the owner. There is no need to replace it at any given time.


The technological advancements being made depict a future where interpersonal relation will be done through technological medium. To some extent, parents are deemed to leave their kids to be brought up by a robot or a virtual assistant. In this case, the Light Phone depicts a glimmer of hope that socialization will come back and people will become more self-aware than they currently are. It is not that technology is being discredited, it is doing incredible tasks and jobs that make it easier to fulfill set objectives.


On a daily basis, the environment is changing and technology is progressing and advancing at quite a high rate. So that we don’t lose our humanity and forget what it is like to have real friends not Facebook friends or other social platform friends, it is essential that we take a look and survey all that we will be missing. The Light Phone is the first step, take the others and go forward.