Can Motion Sensors in Mobile disclose Your PIN and Passwords?

Can Motion Sensors in Mobile disclose Your PIN and Passwords?

The use of motion sensors in our smart phone has a great chance of exposing our PINS, passwords and even banks details to the hackers. These hackers are able to know our personal details including passwords or PINS through the motion sensors we frequently use. This is an act that really hurt the advancement of technology as it will make people reluctant of embracing it. As much as the creators of these mobile phones are aware of the risks that they are exposing us to, there is yet nothing that has been done to prevent this. There are many spy apps that are installed in websites such that when you are on the site your personal details are recorded. This will give them a hint of our PINS or passwords so that it will be easy for them to guess and do their malicious act. The many sensors in our smart phones exposes us more to these hackers and finds it difficult to keep privacy through the use of internet. The internet is supposed to help us make life easier but with this kind of spy apps hinders us form exploring more on internet.

How Does Stealing Your PINS or Password Happen?

There is a possibility of stealing your person details such as bank accounts, PINS or passwords through the use of motion sensors in our smart phones or tablets. The programs in your smart phone or tablet are able to analyze the movement of the device when you are entering your passwords or PINS. The movement of your device will help the hackers to guess your password and it is mostly possible that by fifth guess he or she will have the correct password. The hackers are able to get your person details through use these sensors and information such as physical activities you undertake. Your phone timing calls can be exposed to these hackers and even your touch actions. These sensors are important to us but can expose us to such risks.

When you open a certain website with spy app installed while a tab with your online banking details is still on, they can easily get the information. They might withdraw all your money from the account and or change its pins.

How Does Stealing Your PINS or Password Happen

How to Protect Your PINS and Passwords from Hackers

Due to the risk that smart phones usage exposes us to we need to be more careful when using them. The following are ways to help keep our PINS and passwords safe from the hackers.

1. Frequent Change of Passwords and Pins
This should our frequent habit if you like to keep your passwords and PINs safe. You are required to update them regularly to help prevent hacking of your passwords. The regular change will make it difficult for hackers or spy app to know the exact sensor motions and it will not be possible to guess your PINs or passwords. This habit will make it difficult for them to recognize your usual pattern.

2. Close App
Close App

You are advised to close any app that you used to open with your personal information such as bank accounts. This will make it difficult for a spy app in another website you open from getting your person data. Make sure also that the apps in your phone that you are not using should be uninstalled. Close all the apps running in the background when not using them.

3. Check App Permissions
Always make sure that you have read carefully the permission request before using an app. If there are unreasonable permission for you to have the app please do not install it for your own password and PINs security.

4. Stay Updated
It is always important to make sure that your smart phone’s operating system is updated to prevent hackers from accessing information from you easily. Your other available apps in your tablet or smart phones should be updated too to prevent any loop hole for hacking.

5. Download Trusted Apps Only
Download Trusted Apps Only

It is prudent for you to download trusted apps only for safe guarding of your passwords and PINs. Avoid downloading apps from the third party app stores which might have the malicious spy app. Make sure that your apps are from trusted apps stores such as Apple’s app store and Google play. This is a sure way to prevent hackers from getting your person information.

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Smart phone and tablet usage with many sensors is an easy and enjoyable way to make calls, chat or browse yet it exposes us to password or PINs hackers. The creators of these gadgets are aware of hacking yet there is no solution found to prevent this act. You are required to play due diligence always to safeguard your personal information, PINs or passwords. It is required that any app running in your background should be closed to avoid tracking your person physical activities for your own safety. Download apps from trusted app stores and update your app. Change of PINs and passwords is key in preventing hacking.