How Can the Technology Employed by Mobile Phone Used to Map Rainfall?

How Can the Technology Employed by Mobile Phone Used to Map Rainfall?

Cellular technology is a significant element that helps us measure rainfall. This is established through the relationship between mobile phone network and rain. During raining period, there are a lot of network interferences that affects our communication negatively due to the destruction of microwaves signals by raindrops. This implies that the heavier the rain the more interference in our mobile phones is experience. This relationship will help us map rainfall in our country.

How Does this Technology Works?

This mobile phone technology uses microwaves connected to cellular towers to help in mapping rainfall for a certain area or the whole country. The cellular towers are usually located at around thirteen kilometers away from each other and the signals received from one tower will be used to determine the rainfall in the area. The signals whether strong implies that there is heavy down pour in the area, weak signal indicates that there is light down pour in the region and medium signal shows not heavy nor light down pour. This is very significant information that can be used in the areas where meteorological device is not available but there is use of mobile phones. It will help such a country or area as they can be able to assess rainfall forecast for better preparedness. The use of this technology will be of importance to such a country or area to help in planning on the flood prevention measure depending on the downpour. The final figures arrived to the mapping of rainfall comes from getting the differences between the expected signal strength experienced in cellular towers and the weaker signal also received during raining period.

How Reliable is this Technique?

This is a technique that gives you trusted figure and helps you be prepared of the future. When this technique is used in an area where modern rainfall mapping equipments are used, there results with these equipment tally and therefore trusted results. This indicates that this mobile phone technology is a measure to be trusted and employed for our future forecast. This technique is helpful to know the amount of rain we expect in an area and helps us to put the required measure for our own safety. The quantitative rainfall estimates we get from mobile technology should be used to for our future planning and help us in hazard preparedness.

How Reliable is this Technique

Who Can Use the Quantitative Estimates Provided By Mobile Phone Technology?

The quantitative estimates are figures that help several people in the country. It is significant information to be utilized by the following people.

1. Water resources management
The quantitative estimates provided are used by water resource management to help in preparedness of the country. It is a one way to forecast on the amount of rain we expect to receive for a particular period of time. It makes the management to put the required measures such as flood management if the expected rain will be heavy and save the country from any loss. The management will also use the information to know if the rain will be little so as to conserve and harvest as much water as possible for future use. This ensures that people’s needs of water will be catered in advance and avoid suffering from lack of water.

2. Weather Prediction
These are the group of people who give an estimate of the expected rainfall in the future. With the use of the quantitative figures form mobile phone technology, they will be able to assess the relationship and give future estimates. The correct prediction will help people get enough time for their preparedness and safety measures.

Weather Prediction

3. Agriculture
The quantitative estimates are useful for agricultural purposes. The farmers will know in advance when they are expecting the rain to begin and plough their farms. They will prepare their farms early and buy the required seeds in time. When the rain falls they will be able to plant on time and experience the growth of the plants successfully. This will make sure that the agriculturalist will be able to have enough time to prepare and set the entire requirement. The end results will see them harvest more than enough yield and gives them food security.

4. Climate researchers
This information is useful for climate researchers as these are the people have interest in the climate. They will be able to give correct expected climate change and help us put measure s to help us conserve and preserve our environment.

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Mobile phone technology is a powerful tool that helps us forecast about rainfall. It helps us get prepared of the next season such as put flood prevention measures in place or harvest enough water for future use. The cellular towers strength signals experienced is the main way that indicates the amount of rain that we get. It will help us know the pattern of the rain during a particular time and makes us prepare our farms in advance. The estimates are reliable as the figures arrived by this technology is similar for the modern rainfall equipment.