LG Innotek Develops a Glass-Integrated Fingerprint Sensor

LG Innotek Develops a Glass-Integrated Fingerprint Sensor

Until now, apple has been the leader in fingerprint sensors on smartphones. However, this could all change in the near future. LG recently unveiled a new technology in this sector. They claim their new fingerprint sensor can be incorporated into the screen. This will definitely reduce the ugliness that comes with fingerprint sensors. In most cases, the sensor is usually in the form of a raised button.

Benefits of this Technology

One of the main benefits will be an invisible sensor. The visible sensor usually has a limiting effect on the development of modern smartphones. IT also means that huge cutouts are made on the surface of the smartphone.

Besides aesthetics, there are other real benefits to utilizing this technology. As of now, fingerprint technology usually means that phone makers have to sacrifice waterproofing the phone. However, this could all change very soon. Besides that, it enables the makers of smartphones to better proof their sensors against scratching.

LG Innotek developed a revolutionary method of placing the sensor on the smartphone. They simply cut a small notch into the lower side of the top glass. They then installed their sensor into this notch. This would not have been possible without the use of precision manufacturing. The result is that manufacturers can produce a device with a flawless surface. They do not have to worry about creating notches for fitting the sensors. The high-quality glass protects the sensor from scratches and water. As a result, it is likely to be more reliable.

The new sensor greatly reduces error. It has an error rate of just 0.002%. This is according to researchers at LG Innotek. This error rate is the possibility that a sensor mistakes a person’s biometric data for someone else. LG has also developed a patented adhesive for this new sensor. This is what will be used to attach it to the glass. This sensor is also quite impact resistant. It can endure the weight of a 130-gram steel ball dropped from twenty centimeters.

According to the head of R&D at the company, they are working hard to ensure the technology reaches customers. They want to ensure that customers get a friendly user experience from using the device. The technology is hoping to find clients for its new technology soon. With the use of fingerprint technology growing rapidly, this should not be an issue. Current estimates are that the use of this technology will reach about 1.6 billion people by 2020.

Fingerprint Sensor

Will it be a Game Changer?

One of the expected clients for this device will be apple. In fact, the company might just buy out LG Innotek. Besides that, they might decide to develop their own sensor. However, with this new technology showing so much promise, there is a reason to assume that they are already looking into it.
However, it is worth noting that Apple is not known for sharing. One way it could unfold is that Apple buys all the rights to this technology. They may decide to wait until it develops further. Another competitor for this technology would be Samsung. As of now, the company has already edged out apple with their revolutionary curved screen. This sensor technology could be a chance for Apple to get one up on its competition.

What is quite clear is that the technology could be in smartphones as soon as next year. One of the areas of concern might be how durable it is. Ideally, the company should proceed to work on making it even more shockproof. It would be unfortunate if one has to buy special covers to protect their sensor from damage.

Other Designs

One of LG Innotek’s sources of competition might be Qualcomm. However, the design by Qualcomm did not win over so much support. This new device by the company might renew interest in invisible fingerprint sensors. Qualcomm’s device used ultrasonics to detect fingerprints. As a result, this brings about issues of its accuracy. The sketchy details released indicate that Qualcomm might still be far behind in creating a practical design.

Smartphone technology has grown significantly in the last few years. A little competition is always healthy. It always means that the consumers get better value for their money.

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