Launching of Facebook’s Oculus Rift to Be Delayed

Launching of Facebook’s Oculus Rift to Be Delayed

Facebook’s Oculus Rift will, most probably, have its launch delayed to 2016. However, this will be only regarding the consumer version since the developer kits will still be available. In this article, we will discuss virtual reality, Facebook and the Oculus Rift’s launch.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or a shorter version of the word “VR” has been a huge part of the gaming community since the first version of the Oculus Rift has been announced. But what virtual reality is? Is it something that’s in the movies, you know when your mind sleeps and you are in a different world, like in Total Recall? No, virtual reality nowadays is not that futuristic, however, there are virtual reality gears that you can put on and play games. With that, you can see the games that you play in first person view like you were part of the whole thing. It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? Many gamers’ dreams have come true with this device since they can really live another life with this. Most gamers are living in a fantasy world where they don’t really want to come out, so that’s why Virtual Reality is a great thing for them. That’s why there’s such huge demand for the VR headsets.

Virtual Reality

But will this make our world a better place? Just imagine if this technology would emerge and develop and our real lives could be lived in the virtual reality world. It does not sound really good, does it? It will be like in the movie Matrix, only with the difference that not robots will put humans into virtual reality world but us. And, of course, governments and corporates will abuse this since they will put people that they don’t really like into a virtual world instead of just imprisoning them or putting out them from their miseries.

Of course, these ideas that I have written in the previous paragraph are not true, however, they can easily come true. Humans always strive to abuse each other for their own purposes, instead of just working together to make the world a better, more peaceful place. Just see what the US and the Soviet Union did in the Cold War era. They have fought and raced against each other, instead of just working together. Just imagine if those two superpowers would have made tech stuff instead of weapons.


Everyone, even my 74-year grandmother knows what Facebook is, so I don’t really have to explain it to you. However, what most people don’t know that the company is one of the biggest in the world and they are currently investing in several projects. They are buying companies from the stock market to gain huge profits. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and the current CEO of Facebook is being one our current world’s greatest minds. This is a pretty big word to say, however, this guy, this genius have invented a social network that was far more superior than the ones that have been present on the market. This formed a brand new type of communication among people.

Why has been Facebook a great invention? First of all, you can share everything with people. You can contact new people, you can create new friendships pretty easily by just clicking the add as a friend button. However, the best feature of the social media application is that it has formed a new way of communication. Firstly, you can use it on every device that is available, so you can message friends when you are sitting on the train or metro using just your smartphone. This made communication between people much easier.

Oculus Rift Delayed

During its earnings call, the social media monolith, Facebook has announced that the company will have only limited supplies this year from the Oculus Rift. This is not an official delay of the consumer edition of the virtual reality headgear, but why would the company announce that they will have limited supplies if they are planning to release the final version of the product at the end of the year. So, using the simplest version of our logic the device will be delayed until 2016 or further.

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