Humanity Can Never be Substituted or Replaced by Technology

Humanity Can Never be Substituted or Replaced by Technology

Growth and development can be extensively seen in the day-to-day inventions and innovations being experienced today. Virtual reality to artificial intelligence and other greater developments are continuing to render human services as useless. The billion-dollar question still remains, is it true no more human services will be required? Well technology is efficient and effective making human workers, personnel and other services redundant in regards to those terms. However, as technological developments have increased and are introduced to different businesses, there are still people personnel working in some of these offices or entities. This indicates that humanity is still an essential quality in ensuring the real package is delivered.


As expected, artificially intelligent machines will have the ability to conduct different functions fast, efficiently and logically. However, the machine cannot be able to interpret a person’s emotions, they cannot quickly adapt to changing situations that require creativity, and artistic maneuvers in order to ensure services are offered optimally to all clients. In addition, the logic has ensured that the machines bend in one single direction but people can bend in all direction in order to achieve a certain goal, fast and effectively as well by adapting and changing the way services are offered.


Different research reports seem to differ and offer different statistics in regards to the world’s automation as of today. It also differs on the different impacts of technological advancement especially on employment and on the economy. However, this is a stretch and the research done is dependent on different factors. In fact, increase in unemployment increases the inequality ratio that impacts on different sectors including policies put in place, institutional developments and more. It estimates that many will lose their jobs to automation in the next 20 years ranging around 40%.


It is true that technology increases development and the rate at which it is achieved. It is apparent that technological advancement will continue and no limitations can be placed on that. However, that growth is not as depicted in the different technological conventions and conference. In fact, the growth as significantly slowed down making it impossible to cover all the functionalities accorded to it including increasing unemployment. Furthermore, the technologies do not develop themselves and require learned personnel to make them.

Elements Impact on Automation

Impact on Automation

These are other factors that continue to show that the human touch and personality is still needed in the industries.

Interaction Desire
Every individual has different desires, aim and target to achieve within a given day. However, the individuals have different perceptions of the world and how services should be offered to them. One may prefer a machine to serve them because they are less fussy, efficient and offer no arguments. Other will prefer human services because they love to socialize, ask questions, suggestions, make enquiries etc. This is evidenced by the fact that many banking institutions have fully automated their operations. However, when you walk into a bank, there are still personnel to attend to your needs.

Industry Specialization
Some industries make it impossible to trust a machine regardless of its ability to make the right diagnosis based on its coding. The human touch is sometimes essential in industries such as medicine. It is true that a machine can make diagnosis, however, they cannot perform surgeries or offer support to the parents, talk them through the different medical procedures taking place and offer a shoulder to cry or lean on. Machines have no tact in offering bad news and therefore, they have a long way to go before they can be fully trusted to run an operation like this. Trained individuals such as physicians are needed and when the machine draws the plan to be followed in offering medication, the physician administers.

Services i.e. Hotels and Cab Service

Hotel Service
Today, many hotels are automated and you make your order, receive a key card and directions to your room with no contact at all with people, receive your meals, check out and never see any one in the process. This is sometimes not ideal and people need to be served, have a bit of human contact in addition to the technology. This offers a unique experience and you end up receiving repeat guest.

Similar to Cab services, Uber and other apps have made it easier to acquire and taxi or cab. The only requirement is a driver and driverless cars are being tested and introduced into the market. However, they are proof or safe making it a bit longer before they are assimilated into the market. Furthermore, not everyone is interested in a quiet journey, people tend to prefer to have conversations, visit different sceneries and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

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Technological advancement is important as it indicates growth in different sectors. However, it is important to know that machinery and personnel are supposed to work together to create the perfect atmosphere for people and the right means of achieving set targets and goals. People are diverse, unique and offer quality service in addition to empathy, joy and love. These are the things to aim for and mixing them up is the way to go towards getting the entity to the set objective.