Artificial Intelligence Meets Humanity

Artificial Intelligence Meets Humanity

Technological development has significantly lead to an increase in the rate of development. This has subsequently resulted to an ease in creating more advancement in technology. As much as the results are overwhelmingly amazing, there has been some reports established on the drawbacks that come along with adopting artificial intelligence. However, a deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence needs to be sought. Many people do not have a clear understanding of the value AI has, and the benefits that will come with it.

Fear of Losing Touch with Human Nature

Warner Herzog, director, filmmaker and documentarian have managed to explore the complicated relationship that exists between nature and humanity. His most recent release having been funded by a certain internet security company (Lo and Behind, Reveres of the Connected World) focuses on examining the ever-changing roles that technology plays in people’s lives. Warner stated that he seldom uses the internet and made his first phone call at the age of seventeen. Actually, this outsider’s viewpoint infused the film industry with concern and curiosity. Warner’s thoughts see Artificial Intelligence as having the capacity to improve society, however, the result may cause a loss of grip with the things that make us human.

Accelerated Growth

According to Warner Herzog, the Artificial Intelligence research field is incredibly amazing. Warner isn’t surprised by the advancement it has made so far, however, what amazes him is the speed in which it has set upon humanity. The photography industry has experienced years of antecedent technologies and the cinema has also had a share of its own predecessor, which is close to a century.

A point in time, there may be a computer that will probably be much smarter than any human being. That will make the computer take over the human race as the main problem-solver in the world, then all our thoughts actions and decisions may become obsolete. But with the controlled effort being implemented by the brains behind this kind of technological progression, the lives of individuals will be improved. This being the case, there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm if the growth is monitored.

Facts and Fiction about Artificial Intelligence

Facts and fiction about artificial intelligence
It is rather primitive to conclude that artificial intelligence and the internet are evil. Not so many people see the clear picture as it is. The real deal of how it functions isn’t how it is being depicted in the movies. However, his view is that it is not prudent that individuals lose their selves in the process if they do not read daily and develop both conceptual and critical thinking. The examination of the actual world will require these tools for it to happen.

What needs to be Done

Too much dependence on the internet isn’t healthy. It is crucial that we develop intelligence of our own and refrain from relying too much on the internet or AI. Since it will not at any given time take the place of human interaction. A place like West Virginia, individuals still gather at campfires to play and sing bluegrass music. This type of community can’t be compared to anything else, and the positive thing is that it can’t be replaced. There is no harm in using the internet as a research point, however, it is crucial that individuals get to comprehend the importance of investing in gaining and retaining knowledge instead of constantly reaching out to a computer to help solve the problem.

Artificial Intelligence will rather be a supplement. At its optimal point, it will come up with tools which will assist with the daily chores; this will potentially substitute certain types of jobs. For instance how the bulldozer replaced horses and the way the mechanical weaving machinery took the place of hand weaving. Well, it does, in fact, replace human beings, but for some specific things, while simultaneously creating many another kind of job opportunities.

Herzog’s Ultimate Question

His deepest question during the film making process was whether the internet dreamt of itself. Was there an internet self? Is the internet dreaming about itself and we have no idea, as it would hide it from us? Apparently, there are many terra incognita existing out there. According to him, a time will come when it will reach a complexity whereby it will be self-reflective, to mean it would be closely nearing the human nature.

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The hard truth is that computers are getting way smarter at a high speed. An advancement that took ten years, now only requires a year and that which needed a year requires a few weeks or days. There is a high chance that in the current world we live in, computers will potentially be smarter than any human being. The sad bit is that there are people who misunderstand the role Artificial Intelligence is playing since they believe that it will take over everything and enslave the human race. For those who have had the golden chance to gain more insight in respect to the consequences AI will bring to our society, pretty much know that it will significantly assist the human race move toward the right direction.