VHOOP Smart Device To Track Hula Hoop Fitness & Workout Activities

VHOOP Smart Device To Track Hula Hoop Fitness & Workout Activities

Tracking device technology has advanced from wearable devices to smart tracking devices. This is one of the best technologies available in the market today. In addition, these fitness and workout device has seen to the growth, further advancement and improvement in the provision of smart but personalized and digital fitness device technologies over time.

If looking to advance your fitness management schedule, regimen and techniques, these are definitely the type of devices that you should own. Imagine having a technological device that is able to track your workout routines and data, try out VHoop and you won’t be disappointed.

Vhoop Smart Device: What It Is?

This is one of the best-designed devices that is designed to measure your fitness levels while allowing you to have some fun and adventure with your family and friends. It offers you the opportunity to share the achieved results and can, therefore, offer support for each other over time.

It is not only easy and fast to use, it is also a convenient means of improving your general health status fast. Furthermore, it has no known side effects associated with the use of this device.

How Does Vhoop Smart Device Works?

How does vhoop smart device works

Just like any other tracking fitness and workout device, the VHoop Smart Device comes with essential features and elements that allow it to effectively measure and collect data.

In addition, it is able to analyze the data and issue appropriate feedback and improvement suggestions to the user. Here are some of the features that make it possible for it to track your fitness and workout activities.

  • Companion App
    The VHoop Smart Device has a smart companion app just like other tracking devices. You are able to connect to the companion app through wireless or Bluetooth. It records and keeps track of each workout and the progress made, so you are able to compare.

  • Real Time Results
    In this case, the VHoop Smart Device offers you real time results. This helps you determine whether to continue with your workout session for a bit longer and achieve more, or to simply end it there and take it up later.

    This is essential as it also offers you results on the amount of calories you have in that specific time period. This is an advantage that many other tracking devices lack.

  • Can Be Paired With A Smart Personal Gym

    Can be paired with a smart personal gym

    VHoop Smart Device is definitely a must have. It not only works as a tracking device but can also be used in conjunction with a personal gym.

    The app can be used to analyze the new fitness data and information ensuring that your progress is much more satisfying. In addition, this combination ensures that there are no bumps and challenges keep on changing offering you a routine but also an adventure in the process.

  • Calorie Burning
    The issue on everyone’s mind is how hula hoop activities are able to induce calorie burning at a massive rate regardless of a smart tracking device saying so.

    Well, here is how it works.
    The continued movement and routine of hula hoops i.e. a number of turns made, rotations and other movements require energy and effort is exerted. The transmission continues for as long as the device is in use tracking these movements.

    At the very end, the information is transmitted to your app that does the analysis and offers you instant results.

  • Sensors
    Sensors on a Hula hoop device, well, yes. The sensors are essential as they are more sensitive to movements and ensure that you balance out your workout routines.

    This is because people tend to favor specific body sides and the VHoop Smart Device is able to tell which side you are favoring the most during your workout sessions.

  • Assembling
    VHoop Smart Device is made up of around eight pieces. These are easy and fast to assemble whenever required. This means that the VHoop Smart Device is highly portable and can be used anywhere that you so desire.


    Therefore, you have no excuse as to why you are not working out as you can with it to the office, parks and even to the gym or at home.

  • Battery Life
    The VHoop Smart Device has a long battery life. In addition, it has an automatic power saving mode for longer use of the tracking device. Charging it also takes a longer time of around one and half hours and a complete charge like that can last to over half a month or fifteen days.

  • Additional Weights
    VHoop Smart Device comes with several additional weights i.e. around eight stainless steel weights. This is designed to offer challenges to the users of the VHoop Smart Device.

    The challenge is to use the device with all the weights added to it. It ensures that you further strengthen your body and maintain a healthier status.

Additional weights

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VHoop Smart Device is one of the most innovative means of losing weight, gaining muscles, improving individual performance and progress among other fitness and wellness definitions. It is definitely a device worth having for each member of the family