Makerbot- High-Tech in 3D Printing and it’s Affordability

Makerbot- High-Tech in 3D Printing and it’s Affordability

Makerbot is a New York based company that was founded in 2009 by Adam Mayer, Zach “Hoeken” Smith and Bre Petties. Makerbot is used to produce 3D printers. 3D printing is also known as addictive manufacturing and it refers to a process that creates an object under computer control through successive layers of material. A 3D printer creates physical objects from different digital plans.

The assurance of providing a well-designed home 3D printer has not yet come into a reality. Even though this type of printers has not panned out, there is also an alternative, which is the Hobbyist printers that are cheap these days. With its cheap price, come its great limitations. If you are patient enough, you can make great objects with this cheap 3D printer that will cost you less than the price of a classy smartphone.

A cheap 3D printer will serve you the intended purpose but you will face a few challenges. These challenges include the small print dimensions. A good printer is supposed to have the features below:

  • An FDM printer type.
  • Material type: PLA and ABS. This means that the printer is in a capacity to print in PLA and ABS material.
  • A build volume of at least 200*200*180mm. This determines the size of the object that will be printed.
  • A min layer height of 100microns and a max layer height 300 microns.
  • It adopts an extruder head.
  • It is compatible with third party material.
  • It has a heated platform.
  • It has an on-printer control.
  • Has at least two connectivity’s- a USB and SD Card.

Cheap 3D printer

The original idea of a 3D printer to be on every desk did not pan out as planned. Makerbot learned about this, through the hard way. As a result, the Makerbot Company started in 2009 and it produced brands that were not easily beatable. Makerbots were reliable, nicely designed and well made. The Makerbots were proudly produced in Brooklyn and were made in such a way that no electronic item had been manufactured using the same art for a century. There was need to grow and this lead to the opening of a new factory in hipster country.
During the opening of that factory in July, the Makerbot CEO known as Jaglom said a few things including that the company is committed to remaining in Hipster Country. One year after the launch of the company, the company closed and its growth fell. As a result the name of the Makerbot company was tarnished and thus in a way became toxic. The company crushed down as a result of poor cultural fit and class action lawsuit. Today, the makerbot company is amending things and will bring them back home.

Makerbot plan is to manufacture two new printers, which are the Makerbot Replicator Mini and the Makerbot Replicator. These new printers are an upgrade and they fully refresh. This show where the company is headed and it’s pretty interesting enhancements of the printer gives some light and hope as well.

The two printers have the following characteristics:

I. The Makerbot Replicator
This replicator has been upgraded and it is what one would expect. It is characterized by:

  • 25% larger build volume.
  • 30% increase in the print speed.
  • Have finer prints as compared to its predecessor.
  • Has a Smart extruder print head and this is an upgrade of fifth generation products.

This replicator brings more reliable prints that have been a key failure in the past days.

Makerbot Replicator
II. The Makerbot Replicator Mini
This printer ensures that the company remains focused on education matters. It has the following features:

  • It is quieter than the earlier printers.
  • 10% faster than its predecessor.

These features make it more suitable for a classroom setting.

Jaglom is confident in the company and says the key things that the company has embarked on are listening to the customers and understanding there needs as well. This is what has resulted into the company producing better products that give solutions for educators as well as professionals.


Makers are here to stay and for these reason, they are out to produce a well-designed home 3D printer. There is no reason now as to why you should pay a premium in order to get a premium product whereas you can get the same product at half of that price. The 3D printers are now efficient, inexpensive and easy-to-use. If you are looking for an affordable and efficient 3D printer, Makerbot printer is the product for you.

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