OnePlus 5 Smartphone Review – Facts You Should Know

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Review – Facts You Should Know

Smartphone companies have continuously improved their smartphone technologies over time. Each production or manufacturer release of a new smartphone, a lot of speculation, rumors and features are issued in regards to that specific device. This was also the same case with the One Plus 5 smart phone that was recently released and launched for consumer consumption. Speculation about the One Plus 5 smartphone has been going on for over 3 years and finally, we have something tangible and usable to associated with the name. Here is more information about the newest smartphone in the market today.

One Plus 5 History

The developer of the device that is the One Plus 5 company is a small technology company that has started to grow. In fact, it lacks all the technologies that other larger companies have such as Samsung, Apple and their likes. This might be an advantage to the larger technologically based companies, but they also lack one essential item on their list i.e. customer need. As a small company, the One Plus 5 company is able to incorporate all of its customers’ needs into the smartphone developed. It is designed to suit your needs as a customer.

One Plus 5 Features

One plus 5 features
One Plus 5 features are definitely a grade up compared to the One Plus 3Tsmartphone released and launched earlier by the company. In addition, it comes with several functionalities and features that are also a grade up. Some of these features include;

  • Do Not Disturb Mode
    One Plus 5 has made easier to enjoy your games, music and other entertaining features with the do not disturb mode. This enables you to shut off features like incoming notifications when playing games on your phone. It minimizes disturbances and gives you time alone with your device for your own enjoyment. The do not disturb mode is activated when specific applications such as games are opened.
  • Battery Life
    It has a longer battery life lasting a single day with the 3300Amh battery. This is similar to many other smartphones in the market. Furthermore, it can be recharged easily and fast meaning that your convenience in its use is not affected at all.
  • Camera System
    One plus 5 camera system
    One Plus 5 smartphone has a dual camera system at the back with the primary one being a 16MP camera. This specific camera has an electronic image stabilization feature adding to its diversity. In addition, it has a telephoto camera of around 20MP resolution. This is associated with the details of a picture being taken and the distance that the picture has been zoomed from. It is definitely one of the plus features that the One Plus 5 smartphone comes with. The camera is one of the best when operating it. However, it is quite similar to the operations of the iPhone camera. It also takes high-resolution pictures and images that are of high quality and highly detailed.
  • Display
    This is one of the downsides of acquiring the One Plus 5 smartphone device. The display is 1080p display, which is lower in stature and class compared to the recently released smartphones in the market. However, it does save on battery life giving you more time when in use. Furthermore, it improves the performance of the phone, especially on the android platform.
  • Storage
    The device has 64GB and 128GB storage capacity. This is associated with the fact that many people today are using their smartphones for many different activities.
  • Body
    One plus 5 body
    The body of the phone resembles many other phones including Oppo to iPhone. This can be said to be the back of the phone. However, One Plus 5 is more associated with how it feels in your hands and what it has to offer. In addition, it does not have many body color choices as it only comes in shades of black colors. However, if interested in having a specific type of a color, you can add some casing simplifying it but at the same time, earning and adding some personality to it.
  • Extended Screen Shot Mode
    If interested in longer screen shots, then you are in for an adventure with the One Plus 5 smartphone device. Once you start the screen shot mode, it starts scrolling down to the desired section. Once reached, you just have to stop it and the screen shot is taken which is quite fun or else it will continue to infinitely scroll until it is stopped.


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One Plus 5 is a smartphone with a lot of capabilities and potential. In addition, it hasn’t received any software updates, which indicates its efficient performance levels. In addition, the design may be similar to other phones, but its functionality is unique and a must have for anyone interested in new technological devices and platforms. Furthermore, the features are quite unique and add some fun to using the smartphone.

One Plus 5 is a smartphone that you will want to have especially if you desire a latest model with all the essential features that you require. Don’t be left behind and get yourself a One Plus 5 smartphone device and enjoy all the new features that come with it.