Uber’s First Driverless Cars Start to Operate in US

Uber’s First Driverless Cars Start to Operate in US

Uber’s first driverless cars start to pick travelers in San Francisco. These cars are at testing stages and they include Volvo SUV, which contains sensors and supercomputers to help them functions as expected. These cars will not completely operate by themselves. There will still be drivers to assist them function well. It will also have Uber test engineer to assist during manual driving when it is necessary. It has a monitor to help it perform tests on the car for positive progress. These cars will be used by those individuals who use standard consumer application on their smart phones to make request for UberX. These driverless cars utilize advanced technologies for their proper functioning. This car is made of most advanced technology from human ability and creativity. Human beings are capable of producing high tech items to assist you in making your life more enjoyable and simple.

Uber’s features

These cars have the following powerful features to help the car function well as expected. These features are supplied to company from its reliable suppliers and partners. They are of high qualities for a long term car:

1. Top Mountain Lidar
This is on the upper part of the car. It is fixed on the top of the upper part of the car for providing approximate of 360 degrees three dimensions scrutinize of the environment. It will enable it locate the next place it will pick or drop a passenger.

2. Cameras
The cars are made up of side and rear cameras which face themselves. They functions together to construct a constant view of the environment that the vehicle is at. This will ensure that the vehicle is on the right track always as opposed to wandering of the vehicle as a result of absence of this element.

3. Roof Mounted Antennae
Roof Mounted Antennae
This is a significant feature that ensures that the vehicle is provided with GPS locations. It also ensures that the vehicle has wireless abilities to make communications with the passengers.

4. Forward Facing Camera
These cameras are able of making array that will enable the vehicle to identify people crossing the road and those items which are far. It will also help notice braking vehicles, signages and traffic lights. This camera is an important part that ensures that the car avoids accidents, penalties and works as per how the law requires.

5. Computer and Storage Part
It is made up of custom compute and storage part, which helps in real time production of data. It also helps in cooling of the car’s system to make sure that it works smoothly without any interruptions.

How Uber Automatic Car Works?

Uber Automatic Car

The car has radar arrays, which are very effective in helping the car move well even in the poor weather conditions. It utilizes the Radar units which are able to move signals to the surface on the road, beneath the vehicle or around this vehicle to help notify of any harm. This harm can be a possible accidents or dangerous elements that will lead to injury. It will result to safe ride and you will be guaranteed of your safety. The car is also designed to be engineered to help you ride safely. It contains sensor pod and compute stack to help the car in moving around cities surrounding without getting lost. The interactive iPad based helps an individual after entering the car to locate your destination, it ensures that your seat belt is as required. Meanwhile, the driver is still tasked with the function of taking the car through traffic. There is a promise of making the car more advanced to enable it get through this traffic as well without any human interventions. IPad is also a significant feature that will help you know when the vehicle is being manually driven or when it is on self-drive. The screen will be showing you what is ahead of the vehicle, behind or around. It ensures that you see the surrounding of the car for more safe actions to be taken to avoid accidents. In addition, shows the movement of items on real time to help navigate against these objects. This is a unique feature of this car as it allows you to take selfies. It will help you get memories and share them with your friends and family. This is also a perfect platform to help market the car for its demand.

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This effective and reliable automatic car is a trusted car that is a result of partnership between Uber and Volvo. Volvo is a powerful company that has been in market for many decades, utilizing advanced technology, manufacturing process and its able efforts to bring a satisfying items. The car produced is advancement in its mechanical, electrical and computerized ways. This is a technological way to drive as we are moving a world where technology is being appreciated; it is one of the most advanced technologies on cars. Having an automatic driven car is a real result of how human brain works perfectly.