Chevy Reveals Their New Plan on Self-Driving Cars

Chevy Reveals Their New Plan on Self-Driving Cars

Chevy has revealed their brand new design for a newly developed self-driving car that they have shown on the Shanghai GM Gala Night. In this article we will discuss self-driving cars and cars, in general, the difference between European, Japanese and North-American car industries and Chevy’s new car plan.

Self-Driving Cars

There is a quite new concept among companies who are car manufacturers. This concept is the development of self-driving automobiles, which may sound to most people pretty futuristic. Self-driving cars are cars that can drive themselves, obviously. They don’t need a driver, just you to sit in, set your destination and the car will drive itself to your coordinates using GPS.

This may sound quite futuristic, however, it will not in a few years. There are countries where some percent of the taxis are self-driving ones, so they don’t really require a driver. This means that the taxi firm can have bigger profits, since they don’t really have to pay for the driver’s wage. They only have to pay the fuel that the car has consumed and the potential accidents that the car has been in.

Chevrolet FNR Electric Autonomous Concept

The concept of self-driving cars seems pretty cool and a quite great invention, however, there can be a serious problem with them. They can drive themselves by keeping the rules of driving to their destinations, however, the developers often don’t count in traffic and humans. Humans are pretty unpredictable, especially in countries where driving culture hasn’t really spread. What is driving culture, you would ask this of me? I would answer with this: driving culture is a culture type that makes drivers care more about each other. This also means that they keep the rules of driving most of the time, so they will, most probably, have fewer accidents and crashes. The percentage of an accident’s happening can be reduced by decreasing the level of alcohol consumption in the country. For example, Colorado was one of the states in the US where most driving accidents has happened during the years. This was due to the pretty high alcoholism rate. After they have legalized marijuana in the state the alcohol consumption among people, as well as among drivers, have been seriously reduced, so driving accidents are less likely to happen in the state.

It would be great if the companies could make self-driving cars smarter, to avoid accidents. Personally, if I would sit in the passenger seat of a self-driving car, I would fear for being part of an accident. I don’t really trust computer technology and artificial intelligence that much to lean my life on a self-driving car. However, this is only me, I can be wrong here.

Car Industries in the World

There are several automobile industries all over the world. The biggest ones are the American, the European and the Japanese. Let’s take a look in all of them separately. American cars have serious strength, they are pretty cheap and mostly good looking too, however, they break down quite often. So, that means that the quality of American cars in quite low. On the other hand, European and Japanese cars have been famous for being very high-quality ones that the consumers of the companies can lean their trusts on. Most European cars are pretty expensive, however, so they required for the buyer to be pretty rich or on a high pay scale. Of course, there are cars that are designed for people with lower wages and salaries. Japanese cars are the best on the price-quality level. They are pretty high-quality ones, they don’t look as cool as the American or European cars, but they are pretty cheap.

Chevy’s Self-Driving Car

As I have written previously, Chevy has revealed their new design on self-driving cars. The new model that they announced on the Shanghai GM Gala Night was the Chevy NFR. This model is pretty futuristic in both looks and specifications. Just check out its doors! In the area of specifications, the car will have a wireless auto-charge system and magnetic hub less wheel electric motors. This model is designed for pretty rich people since if we just look at the details of the car, it will be quite expensive.

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