A Torras Finger Ring Grip to Protect Your Phone Screen from Cracking

A Torras Finger Ring Grip to Protect Your Phone Screen from Cracking

Torras finger ring is a lightweight grip that is designed to hold your phone in a stylish way. It is produced to prevent your phone from dropping as go about your day.

It is ideal for any device including iPad, Samsung, iPhone, tablets, etc.

The Design Of Torras Finger Ring

It is light in weight and has a simple design. The ring is designed from a high-quality material.
It features the following designs:

  • Cushion Design
    The inside of this ring is cushioned with silicon to bring you a comfortable grip. It makes it easy for you to hold it.
  • Ergonomic Design
    This ring is simple but ergonomic. It has an elegant radian design that makes it look good with the fluid movement of the ring itself. The size of the hole makes your finger comfortably hold the phone.

The Features Of Torras Finger Ring

The features of torras finger ring
Here are some of its unique features.

  • The Sturdy Adhesive
    The ring has a firm adhesive that sticks the ring in your phone. It is made of high quality, sturdy and strong material. It is very sticky keeping your phone securely attached to the ring.
    It allows the ring to stay where you stick it and does not flop down. It does not leave any residue on your phone after removing the ring. You can also reapply the adhesive without losing the stick.
  • High-End Design
    It features a simple, stylish design that allows it to provide you with a wonderful experience. It has a textured material and it is a perfect blend for your phone, wrap, tilt, prop, collapse, repeat, grip, etc.
  • Its Compatibility
    This ring is highly compatible with all mobile phones including your tablets and iPads. It allows you to hold the accessories with ease on different occasions.
  • It Is Washable And Reusable
    This ring is designed in a way that you can wash it, dry it, and reuse it on your phone without losing its stick.
  • It Is Multifunctional
    This ring does not only allow you to carry your phone around with ease but also allows you to mount it on a flat surface like desktop, kitchen, etc. with your hands-free. It allows you to view videos in different angles, as it is 360 degrees rotational.
  • It Supports 360 Degrees Rotate And 180 Degrees Flip
    This ring supports rotating 360 degrees and flipping 180 degrees making it easy to freely adjust it at any angle.

The Use Of Torras Finger Ring

The use of torras finger ring

It is used to hold your phone at any angle you desire. You can also use it as a stand both vertically or horizontally. When using it as a stand, you can swivel it to a comfortable position.

The ring allows you to use your phone with ease as you go about your daily routine. It protects your phone from falling thus maintain its screen intact.

With the ring, it is easy for you to watch videos as well as go around the street e.g. shopping or even to go for your workouts.

The Advantages Of Torras Finger Ring

  • It helps to hold your phone, protecting it from falling.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is a perfect kickstand.
  • It allows you to operate your phone with one hand.
  • It allows you to touch more spots on the screen.
  • It has a strong adhesive that is easy to reposition it.
  • It is applicable for various devices.
  • It gives you a comfortable grip.
  • It is more convenient and stylish.
  • The company provides you with a 100-day warranty for their ring phone holder.

The Disadvantages Of Torras Finger Ring

  • This ring is not suitable for silicon or some waterproof cases.

The Availability And Pricing Of The Torras Finger Ring

The availability and pricing of the torras finger ring

This ring is available on the brand’s website at a cost of $9.99. It comes in multiple colors to give the user a chance to select their best colors that probably look alike with their phone color. It is available in gold, red, rose gold, jet black, and silver.

Customer’s Reviews And Complaints

Most of the customers have reviewed the product positively in terms of its effectiveness. However, there few complaints about its inability to stick on silicon case from the users.

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Protecting your phone’s screen and the phone, in general, is the ultimate desire of everyone. However, it may tend to break in some of the instances such as collision. No one wishes to repair the screen every time and then.

Fortunately, this has been made easy for you by the development of various finger rings. Torras finger ring is a ring developed to help you hold your phone as you go about your daily routine.

It promises to protect your phone from falling thus preventing the screen from cracking. The ring comes at an affordable price and is reusable.

It is important to research more about it before purchasing it. This will help you ascertain for its effectiveness.

If you want to protect your phone from occasional falls, you might want to consider Torras finger ring. However, there are a number of other rings in the market in which you can compare its efficiency with and obtain the right product.