Posh Micro X S240: Smallest Android phone

Posh Micro X S240: Smallest Android phone

In the current world, smart phones should be added to the list of basic needs because they seem to be. There is so much life related stuff going on with the smart phones and as such, most people have come to believe that a larger screen means the device is more superior. Looking at different mobile phone companies and their latest innovations, the phones are becoming bigger by the day and more functional. More features are being introduced and with this trend, it is even possible to work from where you are that is without necessarily going to a physical office.

There is however a new phone in the market that beats this logic and that is the Posh Micro X S240. While people were busy criticizing Apple for their iPhone SE which is smaller than its predecessors, the Posh Micro X S240 showed up and made iPhone SE look like a giant phone. This phone operates on Android operating system and is just as functional as a basic phone would be.

It comes with a 2.4 inch screen which is just big enough to handle basic icons and a 4 GB internal storage capacity. For someone who would go for this phone, that capacity is just enough to handle their music and photos. It also features a dual core processor with a 512MB random access memory. The rear facing camera, which is the only one is two mega pixels and by now I know you already feel like we are going back and not forward as would be expected of technology companies. The Android operating system it is operating on is however not very ancient, that Android 4.4 KitKat. While most of the features of this phone could be disappointing, I do not think it would be logical to expect more than this from such a small phone.

With such a small screen, it is not possible to have so much apps on the home screen and still even the storage capacity cannot allow huge applications to be installed. However, it is still possible to have the basic apps such as the music app, gallery with a few photos, web browser and other necessary applications on the home screen. Another challenge posed by the size of this screen comes when typing maybe a text or dialing a number. Most people especially those who have used smart phones with large screens before will find it hard to compose a simple text message using this phone or end up with as many typos as possible. This is because of the tendency to press two letters at the same time, unless they are using a touch screen stick.

Posh Micro X S240

While this new device might be criticized left, right and center, it is not meant for everyone. There are more devices being produced almost on a daily basis to cater for the sophisticated phone users who go for features and functionality without putting much thought on the cost. There is however another category of people do not earn as much and would like to have a phone for basic day to day communication. These are the people who still own the old school phones which do not have even basic internet and come loaded with polyphonic ringtones. Before you get surprised, yes these phones still exist and are highly appreciated in some geographical locations.

For this group of people Posh Micro X S240 is more than they could ask for because for one, it gives them the luxury of taking photos and saving up their favorite music. They are also able to browse the internet at whatever speed and get to know what is going on in the rest of the world. This is a device they can afford with their meager income and considering it holds only a few apps, it will not take them a life time to figure it out despite their low literacy levels. Every coin has two sides and therefore before bashing the manufacturers of this Android’s smallest phone, you need to think about the people who consider it a blessing of a life time. This kind of diversification is also a strategy to reach wider markets and sell more products hence increasing profits.

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