Huawei is Working on a Brand New OS and Making a Nexus Phone

Huawei is Working on a Brand New OS and Making a Nexus Phone

Do you know one of the biggest China-based smartphone manufacturers, Huawei? I’m sure you know them since they have made quite a reputation and have gained lots of loyal fans that will support them. Now, this company is working on 2 completely separate projects, the first one is a Nexus device for Google that is based on Huawei’s upcoming Mate 8. A prototype has been already made from the Mate 8 phablet, however, it is a pretty interesting thing that the company will both release its flagship device along with the similar Nexus. We will discuss this topic later in this article though.

The other project that Huawei has been working on is the company’s new operating system for smartphones. Several companies have been working on a project like this lately, so we will see into this later too.

Huawei’s Mate 8 Based Nexus

Since the device that Huawei is making for Google, the new upcoming Nexus phablet made by Huawei, will have similar design as the also upcoming phone of Huawei, the Mate 8, then let’s talk a bit about the latter gadget. We already know some information about the Huawei Ascend Mate 8. The device is known to be 5.7 inches big and it is rumored that it will have a 2K display. We know one more information about the gadget. This would be that the Huawei Mate 8 will use the Kirin 930 CPU. However, we also know that the upcoming Nexus phablet will use another type of central processing unit, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Why? We don’t know it for sure, but we have some ideas why are the two devices using 2 different processors. Firstly, you have to know two thing first before starting this argument. The first is Kirin, which is Huawei’s “homemade” central processing unit designed for only Huawei smartphones and tablets. No other devices use this type of CPU. The other thing is the Qualcomm central processing units. Qualcomm with its Snapdragon processors has been a well-respected manufacturer among companies. So, the most logical option here would be that Google did not allow Huawei to put its own made CPU inside of the Nexus. Google wants to stay with Qualcomm since the latter company had no or just minimal issues in the past with its processors. They may cost more, however, as you know the saying: you always have to pay for quality. There are just quite a few instances where you don’t have to pay a price for quality.

Huawei's Mate 8 Based Nexus

Huawei’s Brand New OS

Huawei has been working on lately on their new operating system designed for smartphones, phablets and tablets. The new operating system will be called the Kirin OS and will be used on just Huawei’s own devices. It is a pretty interesting project from the Chinese company, however, there’s always the question, what made them to work on this project?

I think Huawei is working on the Kirin OS project since Google’s Android has proved them that their system is not stable. Android has gone through rough times, the system has improved quite a lot, however, not as much as Huawei and other companies wanted it to. The Android KitKat version of the operating system was the most stable ones in the past, however, there have been several security issues that have yet to be fixed by Google. There has been an announcement by Microsoft about this topic where they have criticized Google for not making the Android OS more secure for end users.

Huawei's Brand New OS

Not just Huawei seem to depart from using the Android OS. Several other companies are making their own operating systems for their own devices. Companies like Samsung, who has been one of the biggest players on the Android market, and LG is rumored to have an OS in the make too. These two companies have been already complaining about the release date of the new Android updates, since Google always releases the system updates firstly on its own gadgets, then with a 2-3 month delay Google is also releasing the big updates for the Android OS to third party gadgets.

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