Address AI Chatbot Concerns: What Happened with Technology?

Address AI Chatbot Concerns: What Happened with Technology?

The age of robotics and Artificial Intelligence has finally begun and most people are not even aware of it. The technological revolution gave birth to chatbots, robots, and virtual assistants, among many others. There were numerous accolades and optimism along the way but not without any concerns and issues. Are there any real threats with the emergence and infiltration of AIs in today’s world?

Addressing Concerns over Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Computer scientists, reporters, and public figures annually gather and commemorate decades-old challenges in the Royal Society in London. According to reports from the, the participants in the event are not all flesh and blood. Others are binary and silicon-made but the catch is, no one really knows which one, except the inventors of course. Human judges are tasked to determine which of them are the real humans and which are computer programs and robotics.

Chatbots and the Turing Test

The University of Reading organized the event which is a version of the Turing test. British cryptographer and mathematician, Alan Turing, developed the challenge more than 6 decades ago. The concept behind it is to assess whether a robot or machine has the capacity to acquire and show intelligent behavior just like humans.

Chatbots and the Turing Test

Challenge Accepted and Realized

Alan Turing opened the concept 65 years ago and now, Artificial Intelligence is a mainstay in today’s technological arena. In fact, AI platforms such as the ones used in CRM specialist, Inteladesk are here to stay. Artificial Intelligence systems have already infiltrated the virtual world with the birth of virtual assistants and agents, chatbots, and other AI-powered solutions. The Thinking Machines are about to debut real soon but Artificial Intelligence is already in the scene for years now.

The Issues with Chatbots and AIs

Regardless of the revolutionary breakthrough of AIs in today’s world, there are still issues that surfaced among cynics and critics. As per report, loads of chatbots run the gamut from dumb to really smart and dynamic conversationalists. Whether these are highly advanced chatbots or the seemingly obsolete kind, some of the concerns about AI chatbots are real:

  • Chatbots Displace Human Workforce. This is a two-edged sword as some sectors fear job loss while corporations and companies benefit from the cost cutting concept. Inteladesk’s AI system is an all-around virtual assistant, security personnel, and researcher. There may be industries that will be affected by the delegation of work to the chatbots, but it can also create more jobs with more innovative nature.
  • Human Workforce

  • Chatbots Do Everything for You. The concern is that there’s nothing left for you to do. Your virtual assistant is fully equipped even to solve certain problems. Inteladesk offers a wide range of AI-powered CRM solutions for a 24/7/365 virtual brand concierge. Chatbots are designed for high performance, efficiency, and availability that lead to business growth and profits.
  • Chatbots Know Everything. People increasingly grow frightened especially of the things that are new to them or things they don’t understand. Inteladesk Artificial Intelligence platform does not put risks to your security and privacy. Chatbots are programmed to store data in their historical interface or memory. They use these data for customer-related predictions and future transactions. These are all references and are not divulged to anyone that may breach your privacy and security.

Artificial Intelligence chatbots are here to stay. There’s no denying that. Despite the numerous concerns and seeming threats, chatbots are basically the good guys. They are programmed to provide satisfactory customer service. Check out inteladesk for more details and you’ll see how chatbots boost and empower your Customer Relations Management program today.

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