How the iPhone Have Crippled Blackberry Sales?

How the iPhone Have Crippled Blackberry Sales?

I think everyone knows the company Blackberry who is manufacturing one of the unique phones in the digital world. I am saying this since there are only a few companies who manufacture its phones with buttons on it. You must understand, we are living in the world of smartphones where almost every cell phone has a touchscreen. That’s why most people find weird that Blackberry has buttons.

However, let’s go to the main point of our article, how Apple has beaten Blackberry.

How the iPhone Got Ahead of Blackberry?

Do you remember the year of 2007? If you are obsessed with tech, that’s a date you should really remember! Steve Jobs just introduced a device with glass on it, it looked like a phone, just it was bigger than it. It was the first ever created smartphone, the iPhone, which has revolutionized the whole consumer electronics market. Apple has made the best product that the company could have created. Thanks to the genius Steve Jobs, since if they would try with all of their manpower and working very hard, they can’t even make a product like this with such huge sales and hype. With the release of the brand new iPhone in 2007, people have gone to the stores and bought the device no matter the cost or the quality, they were very interested in it. “You can navigate with your fingers,” they said and went to the shop to spend 600-800 bucks to a simple smartphone. I may say simple, yes that device looks quite simple in our eyes now, however, not in those days. The iPhone back in 2007 was considered as a miracle device, which could be used for almost everything by the people.

How the iPhone Got Ahead of Blackberry?

So, how did this event in 2007 effect Blackberry sales? Just let’s see in the brand of Blackberry a bit first. Blackberry has created phones with their own operating systems and with their own build and the phones of the company are still considered pretty high quality. Before 2007, the company has produced quite big sales, however, after the iPhone was released in 2007 Apple just crippled the sales of Blackberry. That was a quite dark times in the history of the latter company. They had two options at that time: make use of the new technology and change the Blackberry phones to smartphones with new design, which could cost a lot but could worth a while, or just stay with the buttoned phone build. They have chosen the second option, however, not because it was cheaper. No, they have chosen it since Blackberry always had unique devices. Their phones have a navigation system a menu, which could not be considered as everyday stuff out there. When I first saw a Blackberry, I just realized how difficult it would seem to learn the functions and the navigation of the phone. However, after a little while I have also realized that the phone’s build is pretty logical and it can be easily learned (of course if you want to).

Blackberry could have unique phones, however, I think in 2015 where almost all companies are planning something very new and revolutionizing, they should implement some of the changes that have been made in the past 5-6 years to smartphones. I understand that they still want to be unique. However, they should really start making smartphones with touchscreens. With their own OS, they could even make those phones unique, so no one could criticize them with the label “same as the others”. I think Blackberry is a company who has the motivation and the talent to make something very new and innovative and I think this is the time for them.

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