How to Get Started With VR this Year?

How to Get Started With VR this Year?

2016 saw the effective arrival of virtual reality, and although most people didn’t find the experience tolerable, they found it enjoyable. However, the 2016 VR debut wasn’t immediately available, affordable or appealing to many users implying that not many people have totally embraced the new technology. Nevertheless, this might be your ultimate time to jump in and start enjoying what this technology has to offer. The VR technology now has modified software that makes up for the errors previously made by its initial movers. Additionally, there has been a dramatic decrease in the entry cost of VR-capable computers making it even easier for more people to start using VR. Here is how to get started with VR this year without straining your pocket, but getting the best experience available at the same time.

The Rig

The PC is possibly the most difficult thing when getting started. This is mainly because there are numerous options currently available for Windows machines that are in a position to power VR headsets. Similarly, there is the rolling your option. Experts suggest going for something that will allow you to start gaming immediately if you are a novice. This will also provide you with an opportunity to grow if you are hoping to invest money and time later on.

Consider going for the currently available pre-built rigs from CyberPower PCs. The CyberPower Gamer Ultra desktop series is currently the best in terms of value for money, not forgetting the fact that it comes with an AMD RX 480 Radeon GPU. Experts consider it a minimalist approach that is in a position to cut down the unnecessary focuses and frills on the components. This ensures a smooth virtual reality experience thanks to the available AMD graphics card.

The Rig

Moreover, it is expandable if you have plans to improve it later on. Currently, the CyberPower Gamer Ultra desktop series, which comes with an AMD RX 480 Radeon GPU goes for approximately $699.99. This is approximately half the cost of a quality VR-capable PC when both the Vive and Rift were launched. Most importantly, it does not choke on any virtual reality games.

The Headset

This headset greatly depends on your preference and what works for you. Although the Oculus Touch is already available, experts recommend going for the Oculus Rift if you are a beginner. This is because the Oculus Rift offers better visuals, setup and most importantly, the game space requirements are way much simpler compared to those of the Oculus Touch. Additionally, the Rift contains a better titles library and comes with a wide variety of content SteamVR that is in a position to support both the Vive and Rift.
Also, the Rift is more comfortable when it comes to wearing and comes with in-built headphones that are easy to use without additional complications. Similarly, it is easy to setup the sensors, and you are capable of choosing, to begin with the basic Rift.

The VR Headset

The Accessories

It is true that the controllers of the Oculus Touch are better than those of the Rift and they bring about an additional VR experience. Additionally, they are more immersive and more fun than any other controllers, and they are also more lightweight. Because the Oculus Touch took long to ship, it gave the Vive an upper hand. If you are a novice, experts recommend starting with the Rift and the Vive since they offer amazing accessories as well.

The Software

Currently, there is a lot of Rift software out there, and this might prove to be difficult when choosing where to begin. The Oculus has come up with starter bundles that provide an excellent starting point. However, if you would like to get started in a better way, experts recommend the Space Pirate Trainer, SUPERHOT VR, Virtual Desktop, Oculus Medium or The Climb.

The Software

The games you will come across here will provide you with a clear copy of what to expect from the Oculus Touch. Additionally, you may also want to try the Lucky’s Tale and the Ocean Rift for a start. If you go for Touch, you will have to play the SUPERHOT VR, which is a game that most people admit to feeling physically engaged. Additionally, it has a clever design that helps you get around the drawbacks of in-place usage of VR.

Similarly, you will have to play Virtual Desktop because it provides you with a sense of what it feels like to use virtual reality on your everyday computing activities. You are likely to learn that some things are not that ideal when using it and you will need to be in a position to touch type. However, it provides a lot of natural interactions and it is inexpensive.

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Although 2016 is the year that saw the introduction of consumer VR, there is a high chance that 2017 will bring about a lot of improvements on the VR experiences. This has already been manifested by the progress that people have witnessed in the recent past. Although coming up with a pocket-friendly VR system seems difficult, this guide will help you get started.