3D EXPERIENCE Transform the Future of Urban Planning & City Residents

3D EXPERIENCE Transform the Future of Urban Planning & City Residents

Virtual reality and other future technologies such as artificial intelligence are making headlines today. A few years ago, the possibility of such technologies was not even known. In fact, if it were imagined that such an era was just around the corner, whoever voiced that thought would have been considered crazy. Today, the difference between these technologies can be clearly seen in relation to the extensive advancements and developments in technology. With virtual reality, one has the capability to mold, navigate, search, and have adventures using the technology. Based on it, urban planning and 3D modeling is the technology that is being developed or should I say has been developed.


This is a 3D software that can be used to model and make 3D images. It is an inventive and an innovative software or tool that can be used by architects, government officials and other planners in the near or far future. As an urban planning tool, it can be used to analyze different structures, weather elements and any other essential factors and come up with a suitable architectural 3D plan for a specific area. The 3D EXPERIENCE is the software and the technology that depicts the future of every major city or town. In fact, other countries such as Singapore are already using the technology towards providing better, sufficient and sustainable solutions for the challenges that they face.
3D Platform


It is a small Island state that has started facing population crisis and other challenges due to the rapid expansion of people. Some of the challenges include extreme temperatures during the different time in the year. However, the country is also known for its innovativeness and proactive planning. Through the 3D EXPERIENCE platform, the country has been able to design or come up with a 3D model or architectural representation of the city. The platform has taken into consideration the extreme temperatures experienced in the year, amount of humidity in the year, noise levels experienced and the light intensity experienced in the area. With all these factors taken into consideration, the 3D EXPERIENCE platform has provided a representational 3D image offering a solution to the challenge. For example, it provides ample passageways for the wind to blow across cooling the city, increasing the convenience and comfort of the Singapore citizens and nationalities.

Virtual Singapore

The National Research Foundation NRF in Singapore, its director George depicts his country as one smart nation with a vision. However, he clearly illuminates and clarifies that smartness is not all about the technology used or developed, it is also about the nationalities, the people and above all the processes incorporated and used to integrate all of these factors and major players. It is true that technology plays a fundamental role in ensuring the success of all the parties and their integration but it also ensures that things are done in the right ways maximizing the levels of efficiency.

Virtual Singapore Map

Based on this 3D EXPERIENCE platform is making it easy and efficient for Singapore to use virtual reality to plan, test and analyze ideas practically before putting them into use. This is aimVirtual Singapore ed at ensuring that Singapore lives comfortably, safe and making the processes involved much more efficient. The platform is also essential as it creates a simulation of a comprehensive 3D figure or image showing and including all the parameters entered. It can also be used to analyze other challenges that may arise as a result and provide solutions for the same. With virtual reality being used in different platforms and industries such as in automotives, aerospace, it is clear that the same can be applied in other industries. The 3D EXPERIENCE is just a step towards making this a reality. It has increased the possibilities and opened up new opportunities and areas where technology needs to venture into and a difference.

Future Availability

3D EXPERIENCE software and platform is just one of the many technological developments expected to grace the markets now and in the near future. Many more will come and all of them with a target and specific use. Their availability will increase efficiency. The 3D EXPERIENCE software is expected to improve the ways that engineers, urban planners, individuals and the public as a whole view and plan for their lives and others. Just as it has been used to develop the virtual Singapore representation, and the city has experienced a new way of life, the same can happen to you, your city or nation as a whole. The platform is being used to shape the future and it is essential to be part of it.

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Each day, technology is taking a step further. It is essential that we include all the possible parameter similar to the 3D EXPERIENCE in order to achieve the same; reliable, credible and dependable results. This might be hard and complicated, but as the 3D EXPERIENCE software and platform has demonstrated, nothing is impossible. As a fact, the 3D EXPERIENCE has opened up and given us new opportunities in the near and far future. Take charge of your future and as a developer, continue contributing to each technology and make the future as dependable and reliable. Shape the future, as you want; use the 3D EXPERIENCE platform and software.