Ily, New Device Making the Mobile World Easier for Family & Children

Ily, New Device Making the Mobile World Easier for Family & Children

The world of mobile and smartphones is so large these days that it seems like it has everything covered – business, personal, entertainment, etc. However, there was a market, or should we say issue, that the mobile world hadn’t come up with an answer for – how would the millions of children circling around these devices with excitement be managed and controlled?

Because the temptation to use a mobile device for children is high. But should they really use one at a young age? There’s a company out called Inseni there that thinks that yes as long as it’s specifically designed for them. Their current product that’s making the news is called ILY, the family phone.

A Home Phone First and Foremost

Contrarily to a regular cellphone, ILY , is meant to stay put in the house, but the way its features are laid-out is kind of meant to fulfill your child’s temptation in constantly using your mobile devices. The new creation isn’t aiming to become an all-in-one giant entertainment machine, but one that does the essential when it comes to real-time communication, videoconference and the main kind of apps that children and the whole family will appreciate.

A kid can then learn the basic functions of a cellphone, but without having to take care of his/her own device. For instance, messaging is possible with the device, so the kid can learn to do it under supervision and after growing, might receive a real mobile device as a gift. ILY works great with a speaker as well, so everything can be done with the contribution of a parent. The tactile screen and information is easy to understand and colorful in a way that will make the kids want to use it to share special moments.

Home Phone First and Foremost

ILY might’ve gone a little small with its screen of 8-inch, but it still looks to be sufficient to accomplish all the tasks needed. The device is meant to serve the family by being useful, not distracting. Perhaps the real problem with mobile devices and kids was the distraction it was becoming to them, whether you tried giving them their own device or if they were constantly reaching out for yours. ILY doesn’t go into any fluff so to speak and it might finally be the device parents were waiting for – one that explains the mobile world without having to answer a thousand questions to their kids.

A Simpler Experience, With Less Features

The premise to building such a device seems to be pretty wise in that the world that ILY proposes seems to be mobile, but the device isn’t actually one. The team must’ve been careful in the design during the year or so it took them to complete it. For instance, one of the surprising decisions from Insensi was not to include a web browser, but at the same time, it could play as being one of its main strengths. The device is really meant to replace your home phone, and not become just another device amongst the many that we already have.

The price asked? $200, so it’s really meant to count as your phone replacement if you’re on a tight budget as a family. But Insensi claims that it can bring families that are separated from a distance closer together with its easy-to-understand tech. Kids and grand-parents for instance, could finally benefit from this as an easy and fun way to communicate with each other through video conference. Previously, the everyday mobile devices, or even something like a computer with Skype, could’ve ended up being somewhat confusing and a bit less dynamic. Since ILY is meant to strictly serve one purpose, there are a lot of things that could’ve previously gotten in the way of a good conversation that are now put aside thanks to it. The tech-savvy might find it a little boring, but the photos and colorful menus will make it attractive for the casual consumer.

So to sum it up, the home phone might’ve been at a standstill for a while, but this new gadget called ILY looks set to shake things up a bit. Its strongest quality is probably that it tackles an issue that had been left unanswered in families for a while, which is what we should do about kids and smartphones. The device itself isn’t rocket-science through its features, but it’s clear in what it’s trying to accomplish and it remains to be seen if families will choose to pay $200 for it, but it looks to be making good impressions so far.

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