Popular Football Names Opting For 3D Scanning Tech For Head Gear

Popular Football Names Opting For 3D Scanning Tech For Head Gear

Helmets play an important role in a football game as it makes it safer. Therefore, the makers of these helmets are looking forward to making better helmets through the new process. This will help them come with helmets that are capable of preventing the hurtful head injuries that hinder football as a game and threaten the future of football. The football game is one of the games that involve a lot of movement and sometimes may result in serious injuries. However, with the creation of head gears, players are assured of their safety, and they can have the freedom of giving their best during a completion without worry. The protective head gears make football an exciting and enjoyable game for every player and their fans.

The Company Behind This 3D Scanning Tech For Protective Head Gear

Riddell is the company known to make helmets that are worn by approximately sixty percent of the NFL players. It has been in the helmet creation for about ten years ago to make helmets with sensor-based technology to transmit impact data to sideline from the field. This company uses 3D head scanning process for every player who dresses in its new Precision Fit Helmet. Through inventions in the helmet tech the company makes better ones as the inside of Precision, Fit Helmet has a custom fit liner system that is made of energy managing materials. The energy managing materials are helpful in personalizing scan data for every player’s head.

Riddell Company is involved in two different development ways. First is the one that is focused on connecting sensors. The second way is computing them to confine impact data for potential development.

The Steps Taken For Scanning For A Perfect Fit

The Steps Taken For Scanning For A Perfect Fit
1. You are supposed to put a cowl under a demo head gear and tighten it so that the scanner records exactly where your head sat on.

2. Using the 3D scanner hooked up to a outside of a tablet used to run Riddell’s proprietary software, the Riddell will walk around you to capture 360 degrees scan of your head still with the helmet on.

3. The second scan is done when the cowl is on your head only (without the helmet) to capture the precise shape of your head for mold.
The above process will take about five minutes, and it will take about 4-6 weeks to typically make a perfect fitting headgear for you. The development of this product and its successful run for beta testing at the chosen colleges has taken about four years.

The Advantages Of Riddell’s 3D Scanning Tech Over Other Methods For Creation Of Headgears

The inside of Riddell’s headgear has a custom fit liner system that is made up of energy managing materials to help personalize scan data for every player’s head. This will help you protect your head well as it suits the nature and shape of your head as compared to other helmets which use inflatable pads that should be adjusted manually through handheld air pumps. Personalization will ensure that you get a perfect fitting headgear that makes a player more comfortable and feels safer.

The Headgear Last For The Rest Of Your Entire Career
This is a long lasting fitting headgear that is meant to protect your head every day you play for the rest of your football career. The other helmets in the market may get faulty and does not give you the service you want throughout your career. Therefore 3D scanning tech has helped in coming with durable and reliable helmet for your own use. The company will recondition and re-certify the headgear every year to ensure that it still give s you the protective measure that was designed for.

Perfect Fitting
The helmet by 3D scanning tech fits your head well to prevent experience of concussions and help you play with comfort to deliver desired results. The other helmets are not tightly fit in your head which lead to concussions while playing and therefore hinders your performance when you are playing.

More Solid Liner
The 3D helmets have solid liners as compared to air pockets in other types of helmets. It is also meant to match the surface of your head for more protective layer of memory. This will help you be safer than using other helmets

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Football is a game that requires you to have the right helmet to protect your head during the game. This is so because football is a game that involves a lot of movement and injuries or accidents may occur. In case of the accident or injuries, the headgear will ensure that your head is safe. The headgears will help you play comfortably as there is no experience of concussions. Therefore 3D scanning tech has helped in creating personalized helmets for you that are safer than other headgears in the market and they are meant to last for the entire football career. It helps you play comfortably as it prevents concussions and you will be able to perform.