LG V30 to Feature a Secondary Slide-Out Screen

LG V30 to Feature a Secondary Slide-Out Screen

Back in time, we carried around “ordinary” cell phones and all manufacturers competed to make the smaller one. Big phones were referred to as bricks. Nowadays, we use smartphones and manufacturers compete again. This time, they want to make bigger phones with better screen features. The goal is to make sure phones have a crystal clear image, vivid colors and provide an incredible user experience. According to some reports, LG’s V30 device will feature a secondary slide-out screen. Keep reading to find out more!

LG V30 Screen Rumors

Smartphones from LG’s V-series have significantly evolved compared to the earlier series released by this famous manufacturer. The V-series is more advanced than G-series hardware thanks to interesting and unique features and strong processors. Although the latest model, V20 was released in 2016 its replacement won’t arrive just yet, but it didn’t stop rumors about V30 from taking the internet by storm.

A mobile reporter from Venture Beat, Evan Blass, posted a few tweets which give us a glimpse into how Project Joan, LG’s internal name for V30, will look like. You can see the tweets below.

The images reveal a device with a slide-out panel below the display. While we would automatically assume that the lower part would host a keyboard, like those old-fashioned phones we carried around, but that is not correct. Instead, it carries a second screen.

Based on the photos that Blass’ showed, when slid back under the main screen, the lower display isn’t entirely hidden and it is used for information like weather, date, and time. The main screen, the big one, comes with minimal bezels on the right and left. At the bottom, it sort of curves down where it meets the second screen. Along the curve, users will be able to locate on-screen navigation buttons.

The Back is Equally Interesting

The Back Is Equally Interesting
It is safe to say that if V30 screen rumors are true, LG will deliver something that no other manufacturer provided. This could change the way we use smartphones. But, the back of this new model is equally interesting to the front. Why? Because on the back side there are four circular cutouts in a camera stack thus forming a square.

Although we do not know a lot about this, it is estimated that two of these are lenses, third is a flash, while fourth is a sensor whose purpose will be revealed in the near future when we can expect a lot more details about this model.

What is the Purpose of the Second Screen?

Okay, this question has probably come across your mind as soon as you read about the slide-out screen. Yes, it is amazing that the phone will come with two screens and the slide-out feature takes us back to the era of ordinary cell phones, but what is the purpose of this second display?

LG arranged a variety of uses for the V30’s second screen including a keyboard, quick app launcher, multi-window applications, Google listings associated with content mentioned in messages.

Although this seems highly exciting, take the rumors with a pinch of salt. Blass admits the Project Jane’s mockup he posted is a bit oldish and he is not certain whether LG still headed in that direction. Basically, we will have to wait for the product announcement in order to find out whether the model will, indeed, feature second slide-out screen or not.

OLED Display Technology

Oled Display Technology
The rumors about the second screen are not the only ones associated with V30. Multiple sources have confirmed that LG will finally jump on the OLED technology bandwagon. Reports state that the new model will be released in September and it will be LG’s largest-screen premium phone. Additionally, sources claim that most OLED screens manufactured at LG Display’s Gumi E5 plant in the second half will be navigated towards LG Electronics’ V30 smartphones.

Although LG’s rivals such as Samsung and Apple have been using OLED technology for displays in recent years, LG opted to stick to LCD screens, after two attempts to implement new technology failed. Back in 2011, LG introduced OLED smartphone Optimus Sol and in 2013 they released G Flex. Both models failed to attract customers.

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Although LG’s new model won’t be released just yet there are numerous rumors about it. Evan Blass from Venture Beat posted a series of tweets showcasing new model and images show two screens, the primary or big screen and a slide-out display which will have numerous functions. Bearing in mind the mockup is relatively old, we will have to be patient and see what is going to happen. Also, multiple sources have confirmed that new model will also pose as LG’s third attempt to release a smartphone with OLED technology display.