Google Bring Their Best Concepts Forward with New Devices

Google Bring Their Best Concepts Forward with New Devices

The Chromecast HDMI was such as hit and a look in the future that we all wished that the concept would be transfered over to some other types of devices. This week, Google has made some of our wishes come true with some new products and phones that will most likely bring the company to new heights. Google is staying ahead of the curve by proposing some of the best products that people can use on the go, and most likely include their mobility, productivity or simply enjoyment. Like plenty of Google’s other ideas, it all comes down to what you do with them, and the latest new devices have plenty of potential.

If you need a little bit of catch-up on the latest trends offered by Google, this Chromecast HDMI key allows some of the most instantaneous and high quality TV experience on the go. Many years ago, such portability, quality and accessibility would’ve seemed impossible, but it seems like Google has gotten used to giving us the impossible. And at a good price, the Chromecast HDMI key only comes at a 35$ retail price and is able to compete with some of the other best options when it comes to TV content. Moreover, for people who just want some sort of “side-tv” or simply enjoy having some of the latest tech around, the product can be especially attractive.

Building On What Worked Over The Past Years

And now, continuing in that lane, Google will be offering Chromecast Audio, a brand new product that will serve music fanatics this time, but the price will be just as affordable. The device is aiming to become the same type of futuristic device to use while on the go. With the Chromecast Audio, Google is looking to do a smart move by moving forward with a concept that has worked for their TV offering.

The technology achievement of this new gadget might not be as impressive as streaming HD TV from a small USB key, but it still opens up many possibilities when it comes to the way that you listen to your music. The device can be as useful at home as on the go, as you can bring it with you as your trusted source for music when you travel, or the device can be used effectively at home to bring the sound to different rooms. Owning several of these devices looks to bring extra advantages for those with more complex sound needs. The device comes with its associated app and will bring in more intuitive features to the music world. You can use it to get a very plug-and-play type of listening experience and it can even work with your older speakers and sound system – see it as a new way of bringing the modern world of music to your older equipment. Again, the advantages of the TV Chromecast version are showing in this new music product as you don’t need to switch up your equipment or buy anything expensive, which is very attractive.

New Nexus Phones

New Nexus Phones
Besides the new Chromecast devices, there are also some new phones on the horizon for Google. 6P and 5X are the names of the new models that will soon be available to customers. The competition is heating up in the smartphone world and Google is looking to stay ahead in the high-end market with the 6P offering a large high-quality 5.2 inch screen and a way for mobile users to pay as well, as this has become the trend in the smartphone world recently. Google Pay will be at the center of this new offer, along with new cameras to keep up with the competition. The phones will be made by two different manufacturers in Huawei and LG and will be running the Marshmallow operating system.

Competitor Apple has been going forward with stronger offers in the department of software and the answer comes in the form of Google Now, which will provide to users the most instantaneous and relevant information wherever they find themselves. The 6P should be a phone that especially pleases when it comes to look and build quality, since it is to feature a metal body contrarily to what the Nexus line has been offering in the past. Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors should then bring these two phones to new heights when it comes to performance.

Overall, Google looks to have announced more products that will please customers, and more importantly for them, keep up with the competition.

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