You Can Now Buy and Maintain a Car with the Latest Amazon’s Services

You Can Now Buy and Maintain a Car with the Latest Amazon’s Services


Amazon happens to be the major pillar for many companies. Other than online retail, Amazon is the driving force in music, television streaming, e-readers, music, and food. Thanks to its most recent feature, Amazon aims at extending its reach a step further.

Amazon Vehicle

Amazon Vehicles was launched in 2016 with the intention of becoming a hub for potential car buyers. Though Amazon is not selling the car directly, their feature is a great platform where potential car buyers can get information, explore reviews, and check out specifications of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, buses, pickups, and many more.

Those who are planning to purchase a car can find detailed information regarding the price from the official manufacturers and customer experience within the Amazon community.

Features of Amazon Vehicle

Amazon surprised the auto industry when it recently launched the new portal, Amazon Vehicles. With this feature, customers can view details of hundreds of new and classic cars. There is also a provision where they can share their experiences. Previously, the company had said that Amazon Vehicles was just a car research destination and automotive community. Users can now have access to specifications, videos, images and customer reviews of many new and used cars. With the new portal, Amazon is looking for an opportunity to insert itself into the car-sale process, and this will have direct implications for a lot of players in the vehicle industry.

Features Of Amazon Vehicle

Amazon Automotive

This is an additional service from Amazon that will be very helpful for many car owners. Every customer can register their car in the network and Amazon to help other potential buyers gather information about the product and parts that are ideally fit for your particular car. If you have ever tried to replace an ink cartilage and ended up frustrated, Amazon Automotive intends to get rid of such mistakes when it comes to your vehicle.

Beyond Parts

With Amazon Automotive, you can use the site to compare a specific vehicle’s trim level on the detail pages in well-organized tables that quote the price, performance, interior and exterior functions among many features. Amazon Automotive is an extension of the company’s Amazon Automotive store which sells and ships new and used parts offered by others, similar to other non-automotive products.

Both Amazon Vehicle and Amazon Automotive are essential networks in Amazon’s expansive base. Amazon can’t be comparable to other online retail sites with its over 300 million users. The site is not only well established but also largely utilizes systems of rating and reviewing, which make the two systems indispensable services for potential car buyers and owners. According to Adam Goetsech, Amazon’s Director of Automotive, their goal is to offer support to customers during one of the most important, research-intensive purchases in their lives by rendering useful information to help customers make wise decisions before they place their orders.

Easier Navigation

Suppose you are exploring the market looking for a new vehicle. Whether a truck, wagon or SUV that you already own, chances are that you will be exploring through tons of information. This is before you can make your purchase. That can be tiring indeed and some of the information you collect will be misleading. It is thus important to check out Amazon is offering before you settle on your final purchase.


This is and online car-shopping service that links buyers with dealers who have consented to honor a no-haggle price. With TrueCar, users can communicate with Certified Dealers to a great car buying experience. Their goal is to make the car buying process fair, simple, and fun. This is achieved through the use of the most accurate and comprehensive pricing information available in the market and then making it accessible to all. They have partnered with thousands of dealers who share transparency, the truth, and fairness of a great car buying experience.

Can Amazon Change the Way we Buy Cars?

Definitely, Amazon latest services will shake up the way we buy new and used cars. It would probably be a short battle if Amazon decides to muscle into TrueCar’s feature. However, TrueCar requires convincing dealers into joining its network. Credit to its dominance in the market, Amazon can make it a blunt choice for dealers to either join the highly competitive network or be left out. This is something that can make it tough for car dealers. Nevertheless, it would be a boon for customers because they can get connected with dealer offering the most competitive prices in the market.


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Buying and maintaining a car has now become easier with the latest Amazon’s services. Users and potential customers are now in a position to share their experiences with new or used car and parts. With its expansive base, Amazon will definitely revolve the vehicle industry to the advantage of customers and quality manufacturers.