Sony’s Newest Digital Paper Tablet for $700

Sony’s Newest Digital Paper Tablet for $700

This is an e-paper tablet that is manufactured by Sony. It is a tablet that was manufactured to replace the books and folders of dead trees to make life easier. It is a device that helps you store vast amount of data and knowledge. It is an easy to carry device making it portable to anywhere you go and helps you access the stored information and date at any given time. The company behind this e-paper tablet mission is to do away with paper work and conserve of our environment for future generation. It is a tablet that mostly helps lawyers and other professional who are involved in heavy paper work. This will help them store they work and be well organized to help deliver their expected performance. This tablet also helps them carry all their paper work under one place for convenience and faster delivery to save time.

The Special Specification and Features of Sony e-paper Tablet

This is a tablet which is made up of the following distinct features and specification to help it deliver optimum benefits:

1. Thin and Light
This is a tablet that it is thin and light making it easy to carry. It is the thinnest tablet in the world with light body to make you carry it around with ease. It measures around .26 inches in width making it very thin and 12.6 oz in weight. This fact ensures that your shoulders will not experience pain if you are used to carrying it in a bag.

Thin and Light

2. Built in Wi-Fi
This is a functionality that helps you share a wireless network with other people. It makes it possible for you to share files with those individuals also connected to the wireless network. The tablet will make life easier for you as you can receive documents or files that you do not have and you needed them.

3. High Contrast Display
This e-paper tablet has high contrasting reflective display of about 650 by 2200 dots. This ensures that you can easily read texts clearly. It also ensures that the texts written are seen clearly in bright sunlight to help you read and finish your assignments even when under the sun. The texts will be visible and prevents you from looking for glasses to make your eyes healthy.

4. Battery Life
The e-paper tablet is made up of a long lasting battery, which can last up to three weeks when fully charged. This implies that its battery is durable and saves you time of charging time form time to time. The long lasting battery makes this tablet reliable even when the electricity is off as it lasts longer. This battery is a thin lithium ion.

Battery Life

5. Storage
The tablet is made up of enough storage for you to save your documents. This tablet is has a memory of about 3,000MB making it possible of storing up to 2,800 PDF files. This will help you not to worry of buying additional storage device and saves your money.

6. USB Connectivity
This is a tablet with easy to plug in USB cable to help you in transferring your of documents from your Smartphone to the tablet. The cable also helps in transferring of files or documents to and from e-paper tablet as you wish.

7. Stylus
It is a tablet that helps you in writing efficiently your documents for easy reading. The tablet helps you highlight important points, topics or sub topics for easier reference. This tablet also helps you to erase the unwanted texts easily for proper arranging of your work and helps you in revising.

8. SD Card Compatibility
The tablet contains an internal memory of 4 GB with a slot for a micro card. This will help you transfer documents to and from the tablet easily. It will also help you in addition of information from your micro SD card. The 4GB memory card is enough space to make sure that your documents will be well stored and safe for future use.

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This is a tablet that has a non slip screen panel that helps in attaching images to your documents for better clarification. This is a new design that is very thin about .26 inches in width and light to make it easy to carry around. It is a tablet that helps you store about 2800 PDF documents as it has enough internal memory. The device helps you in converting documents to PDF and makes it possible for you to share these documents with other individual. This is possible when you are all connected on wireless network. It is a tablet that best suits lawyers, university researchers and other professionals who are involved in heavy paper work. It will help them reduce the bulk of carrying books around and reduce the inconveniences that come with carrying the books. It is a device that stores your documents safely over a longer period of time. The tablet can also allow backing your documents so that in case of it being damaged you can still find your documents.