Samsung Galaxy X: Samsung’s Foldable Phone So Far

Samsung Galaxy X: Samsung’s Foldable Phone So Far

Currently, you may think that every innovation in the smartphone world has been invented. However, don’t close your perception as the foldable devices could be the next step in the smartphone evolution journey. Statistics and public statements are not clear as to who will dominate the market with an outstanding technological inception. With various companies in play, including LG, Lenovo, and Samsung, the level of competition is pretty steep. However, if loose-lips are something to go with, the Samsung has the lead. Statements from the company claim that Samsung is on the verge of releasing a new foldable smartphone dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X.

Despite being speculations, this is certainly something to watch out for. Just a reminder, customers rated the Samsung Edge as the best smartphone with a cool display. Enthusiasts cannot imagine how cooler the foldable display screen can be. The Tech Korean giants are reportedly ready to unleash this priceless level of technology soon. This indicates that the smartphone could be in its prototype sessions currently.


Samsung has come of age when it comes to smartphone designs. With their latest design featuring a curved screen, nobody could imagine what the Galaxy X design will be. However, this highly anticipated foldable smartphone leaks indicate that the designers worked on this feature. Much has been included especially when it comes to the angles that come to play when the device is folded. Patents close to the company reveal a clamshell-like device with a resemblance of a make-up compact that folds into a rectangular smartphone shape.

The camera lens appears on top of the clamshell, the area that becomes rear when the phone is folded. The phone also has a selfie camera and a speaker at the top-inside compartment just like other Samsung products. The curved edge bottom of the screen that is visible when the phone is closed is certainly interesting. This is to serve as notification and information ticker, eliminating the need to have a second screen at the back of this device. Users can access their information from the screens’ edge without necessarily unfolding the screen. Users can also touch any icon on the edge area and will open when the phone is unfolded.

Release Date

As always with speculations, nothing solid about the release dates of outstanding features by giant companies can be relied on. However, it has been prepped that the company is planning to release this market changing smartphone sometime in 2017. Several reports from the insiders claim that the prototypes of this specific phone will begin production in the Q3 of the year. The company is keen on the quality of this phone. Therefore, keen monitoring of the prototype production is in place to ensure it does not backfire like the S7. Once the quality of the prototype has been ascertained, customer versions of the phone will begin production.

Statements released from the company indicated that the company might roll out up to 100,000 units of the fold-out devices after the quality production mark is met. When unfolded, this device can be used as a 7-inch tablet. Before its release into the market, these phones are referred to by the code name Project valley. It has been a project the company has been working on for more than six years. High expectations and anticipations for this product have already been witnessed from ardent customers of this tech giant.

Production Problems

Production Problems
As indicated before, the company has been working on this project nearly for six years. So to say, Samsung announced its initial plans of launching the first generation of flexible or foldable phones back in 2012. The company later reported that there were production problems that had halted the whole project. However, this did not kill the aspirations of the company. A video showing off a foldable feature highlighting transparent screens that are not only thin but also made from plastic and are light and flexible was released later.

Samsung continually worked round the clock, incorporating the foldable phone features in various smartphones released sequentially. The first smartphone, though with different features with the foldable phone prototype features was the Samsung Galaxy Round. It was the first phone with a curved screen thus indicating a big step in the right direction. Later, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with a curved edge was released. Despite being relatively far from being foldable, the company was certainly trying out the specific features for their dream debut.

Project valley talks when silent until mid-2015 where rumors began. At the stage, little was known about the device. However, in late September, insiders claimed that the company might release a bendable phone the coming year. Since then, high hopes and anticipations have been in the air. With speculations, this mystery could be a future reality.

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Samsung is one of the tech giants with great technological advancements. The company has managed to keep itself top in the market due to the various outstanding devices out in the market. Ranging from the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy Note 7, devices of this tech giant indicates a technologically right track. Ardent customers highly anticipate that the speculations surrounding the foldable smartphone are true.